Date: 29/01/2015

President Obama when he spoke about sectarian conflicts in India, he should have been informed about same Islamic terrorism that is still affecting Hindus in India , that is affecting many others all over the world. Just because Hindus in majority in India , they do not escape same fate like Yazidis in Iraq. In case of India, Hindu majority has been victim from minorities . Historically also tyranny of invading Islamic aggression subjected the majority Hindus to unspeakable atrocities. So the view through prism of majority and minority does not hold good in India's case.


Prasun Maitra


Large scale violence going on at Usti market in South 24 Pargana dist of West Bengal for last couple of hours. About 15 Hindu shops & few Muslim shops totally destroyed. Properties and cash worth more than a crore were looted from shops belonging to Hindus. Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Giyasuddin Mollah has reached the place and reportedly insulted SDPO. It is reported that he is asking police to release Muslims held by police in the spot claiming they are his men and directing police to arrest only Hindus. Bomb squad has been sent to the troubled area. Hindus have regiment against the attack. The situation is still very tense.

Land jihad at 24 Paraganas (more Photos below)

Dear friends,

We, in Hindu Samhati, do our best to tackle as many cases of Jihad that come to our attention.

This week, the brave Hindu women and heroic Hindu villagers of Radhakantapur Panchayat of Raidighi block in South 24 Parganas District became the latest victim of Land Jihad and Rape Jihad this week in West Bengal.

Date of incident: Monday, 29 December, 2014

State: West Bengal
District: South 24 Parganas
Block: Raidighi
Panchayat: Radhakantapur
Village Name: 27-er Laat Near Bridge

A Total of 9 Hindus including 4 Hindu men (Subal Mandal, Amal Mandal, Vijay Mandal, Prasenjit Mandal, Debu Haldar) and 5 Hindu married women (Smt. Bhagavati Haldar, Smt Renuka Mandal, Smt. Ambika Mandal, Smt. Putul Mandal) have been seriously injured by Muslims and are now admitted in Raidighi Gramin Hospital.

They have been savagely beaten up by the Muslim miscreants of the same locality. The women have been molested, manhandled, and rapes have been attempted on them. And their fault was - They all tried to stop the local Muslims who tried to encroach/capture the land of Subal Mandal.

In this area of Raidighi block, Muslims are are forcibly capturing all Government lands (of PWD & Irrigation departments) by the side of public roads. These plots of lands are just in front of the Hindu houses, Hindu agricultural lands and Hindu-owned ponds (used by families for bathing and fishing). By the encroachment of these government lands, the Hindus' entry and their passage to their own lands will be simply blocked. Moreover, their Hindu women will be unsafe while bathing.

But, many roadside lands have already been forcibly captured by the Muslims. "To complain to police is absolutely futile" - This is Hindus' experience for a long time. Therefore local Hindus realised that only way to protect their land and safety, they have to physically resist the attempt of encroachment by the land grabbing Muslims. Only a few months ago, local Hindus inspired by Hindu Samhati resisted the attempt of land grabbing in front of Tarak Gayen's plot.

This time, the piece of land (in front of Subal Mandal's land) was at stake. Muslims were forcibly capturing that plot. Subal Mandal and other Hindus resisted. And became victim of severe torture by the Muslim miscreants. Our women's honor was violated.

Among thousands of this type of Land Jihad and Rape Jihad incidents that occur in West Bengal every year, this is an extra-ordinary case because the Hindu villagers are bravely fighting back against what is considered the norm in deep rural West Bengal. This is the daily reality of our Secularism. Our Government is corrupt and are votebank-beggars. OUR POLICE IS SPINELESS.

We, Hindu Samhati, are fighting tooth-and-nail against this rampant ongoing Land Jihad and Rape Jihad. We are trying our very best on the ground. We need your help too.

Vande Mataram,

President, Hindu Samhati