Date: 29/01/2015

You are partly true.

The Muslims are in Denmark, not ONLY because of Palestine. They are there due to the fact that-
The Muslims have been BREEDING LIKE RABBITS all over the world. Hence they are now seeking new lands. Like Germany's LEBANSRAUM offensive against Poland.

The Muslims are never at peace but at war even with each other. So why are the MUSLIMS from Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Irak, Chechnya, Syria and Albania RUNNING IN ALL DIRECTIONS? In Islamic context of ONE BILLION turbulent, warring and feuding Muslims including PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH, Palestine does not figure big except for Muslim PROPAGANDA to win sympathy.

No Muslim country has any industry or export to feed its own people. Hence you will find Muslims FROM EVERY CORNER OF WORLD going to Christian countries. Denmark is only one of them.

In 1947 there was NO Palestine problem and NO Israel in existence. Yet the Muslims broke out of India in "RIVERS OF BLOOD", killing two million Hindus, to create Pakistan.

Far away from Palestine the Muslims are slitting the throats of Buddhists and Christians in Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines.

Muslims are now a GLOBAL threat, not only for tiny Denmark.


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The reason why a jewish/zionist agenda can be problematic, is because, it might put the interests of jews/zionists, above the interests of the western countries.
The state of Israel is part of the reason why Denmark is flooded with Palestinian muslims(this does not excuse the muslim behaviour though. ). Yet this is rarely mentioned on many of the anti islamic sites.