Date: 30/01/2015

The reason of continuous Arab/Jewish problem in Palestine is that both sides are equally matched in power. Hence their mutual fighting FOR LAND has become a stalemate and protracted.

Had one side been much more powerful it would have wiped out the weaker side and that was the END OF PROBLEM. This is the case in India.

Both Hindus and Muslims have a parity in India. (Hindus may be a majority but the Muslim minority is more indoctrinated, fanatic, more belligerent and more "Kampflustig" (ready to fight and die). So, the parity.

We see both sides still fighting in Kashmir FOR LAND. The power struggle there has degenerated into a stalemate since 1948. Neither side can inflict a crushing blow on the other and end the conflict.

In 1947 the Muslims proved OVERWHELMINGLY stronger and so, they could easily occupy ONE THIRD of India after smashing the Will of Hindus within days. Hindus simply gave up hope (and struggle) FOR EVER. There is not a whisper about retaliation or counter attack to recover those territories. So the conflict ended then and there.

In World War 2 the Allies were far more powerful than Nazi Germany. So the war ended conclusively in their favour in 1945 and we never heard of Nazi Germany again. The conflict in Europe ended then and there for ever.

Now to Israel. The stalemate will continue due to the unfortunate PARITY in strength of both sides.

That is something to think about.


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I see how Islam is, and has been, in conflict with all other religions(not to mention the infighting).

But Muslims and Jews have a special relationsship to each other, and the Israel/Palestine conflict(as well as each Country/Society in itself!) tells us a lot about the nature of both religions.