Date: 05/02/2015

Thank you for remarkably useful additional information (below). Besides Jordan and Japan we could also look up to the brave Indian Air Force,to do their bit in crushing the head of Islamic serpent wherever it moves. After all, we are the last target!

The thousand odd Indian ISIS fighters will also notice that the same will happen to the "haraami aulaad" of the old "Moplas" of Bharat who enjoyed the tacit support of Gandhiji while killing the Hindus.

We read in DISBELIEF that India has not yet demanded the return of all the prisoners, some captured in 1965, from Pakistan. Such news cannot help raise the morale of her armed forces who see their gallant members, including senior officers, being killed regularly in South Kashmir.

We need to understand as to why India, aspiring to be a super power, must NOT stick to "dog's" tradition of "sad-bhavana" (good will) towards the Mohammeds any more. The surrender of five provinces in 1947 was UNCONDITIONAL. The return of 90,000 PsOW was UNCONDITIONAL, acceptance of cease fire in Kashmir was UNCONDITIONAL and now "sad-bhavana" (good will) towards the self-declared "SECOND NATION", too, is UNCONDITIONAL.

An Urdu proverb seems apt and appropriate: "bakray ki maan kab tak khair manai gi?"

To survive with dignity and honour, the Hindu nation will have to cast off the burka of "caution & correctness' and show her manly face to the Muslims- starting with abrogation of Article 370 of Constitution and construction of the Temple in Ayodhya.

India is still in a state of hostilities over Kashmir and if ever the enemy captures an officer or a Jawan and then kills him in the manner of this Jordanian pilot, we shall regret our passivity at this moment of merely watching Jordan acting ALONE.

You write, "Determined action can end the menace to the world. As the events show, it is muslim kingdom jordan that is showing grit and guts. japan also should shed its post war passive attitude , join jordan .isis recently beheaded two japanese nationals. together these two ought to be enough."

We agree, and wish to encourage India, too, to join them. The THREE are better than two and the Indian Air Force, up to now in "moth balls", will get some very useful combat experience.

5 Feb 15.

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Jordan King and the kingdom belong to Hashemite tribe. The Hashemites were eliminated in Saudi Arabia when house of Saud after i st war took over the area now called Saudi Arabia. Ibn Saud cleansed out hundreds of thousands of Hashemites and assumed control. ISIS received many fatwas in its favor from many Saudi Mullahs. Despite oft stated peace loving tag to Islam, none of the mullahs have ever issued any fatwa against Isis, only some perfunctory condemnation from 'moderate moslem organizations' for public relations in western countries were heard.

In return for barbaric treatment of Jordan pilot by isis, kingdom of jordan launched blistering air strikes against isis besides hanging many arrested islamic terrorists.

in pakistan still many indian prisoners of war even from '65, '71 are being held. no body not even after releasing 90,000 + war criminals following liberation of bangladesh, the reciprocal release of india's soldiers held in captivity in pakistan , was not demanded.

The contrast thus cannot be more vivid. the size, numbers do not often matter when it comes to grit and determination, many times it is tiny countries like israel , now jordan display manly action. jordan king after hearing the news of burning alive of his country's fighter pilot, immediately ordered air strikes while promising harsh war on islamic caliphate.

when thousands of hindus though being supportive of khilafat were mowed down like so much weed by fanatic moplah moslems in malabar, india's apostle of non-violence had no words of sympathy for the affected hindus, instead his advise has been on such occasions was for hindus to die bravely, while praising Moplahs as 'his heroes'. True he could not order any airstrikes but at least he could have raised his voice. It was british government that ordered action, 1000 of moplahs were shot and that stopped ongoing jihad against unsuspecting Hindus and movement to restore caliphate ended in india then.

the new islamic caliphate movement is not any more powerful than the old one in 1920's.The only power it derives is from clandestine cooperation of oil shaikhs, oil rich potentates in the region beside indulgence of west and black marketeers who buy the oil from isis , collected from its captured oil wells of iraq.

Determined action can end the menace to the world. As the events show, it is muslim kingdom jordan that is showing grit and guts. japan also should shed its post war passive attitude , join jordan .isis recently beheaded two japanese nationals. together these two ought to be enough, even if other well endowed monetarily and militarily bigger nations keep relatively quiet in face of growing menace of isis to the civilized world. Isis now has franchises in many european nations,US let alone in pakistan and north africa. in india its numbers have crossed 1000 according to one report. There is no need to tolerate this growing menace, isis by world powers.

Jordanian Air Force fighter jets fly during the funeral of slain Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, at his home village of Ai, near Karak, Jordan, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015. Outrage and condemnation poured across the Middle East on Wednesday as horrified people learned of the video purportedly showing the Islamic State group burn a Jordanian pilot to death. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Jordan launches new airstrikes after vowing harsh war on IS
Thursday, February 5th 2015, 6:42 am

By Karin Laub - Associated Press

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AMMAN, Jordan (AP) Jordanian warplanes bombed Islamic State targets on Thursday, state TV said, after the country's king vowed to wage a "harsh" war against the militants who control large areas of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

The military confirmed the airstrikes, but did not provide details. Jordan TV, quoting military officials, reported that the strikes targeted Islamic State positions, but did not say in which country.

Jordan is part of a U.S.-led military coalition that has bombed IS targets in both countries since last fall, but until now Jordanian warplanes are only known to have carried out raids in Syria.
King Abdullah II pledged to step up the fight against the IS group after the militants burned a captive Jordanian pilot in a cage and released a video of the killing earlier this week. The images have sent waves of anger across the region.

On Thursday, warplanes roared overhead as the king paid a condolence visit to the family of the pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, in his village in southern Jordan. The king pointed upward, toward the roar of the planes, as he sat next to the slain pilot's father, Safi al-Kaseasbeh.
Al-Kaseasbeh told the assembled mourners that the planes had returned from strikes over Raqqa, the de facto capital of the militants' self-declared caliphate. His son had been captured near Raqqa when his F-16 fighter plane went down in December.

Earlier this week, Islamic State displayed the video of the killing of the pilot on outdoor screens in Raqqa, to chants of "God is Great"(Allaho Akbar) from some in the audience, according to another video posted by the militants.

On Wednesday, Abdullah warned that Jordan's response "will be harsh because this terrorist organization is not only fighting us, but also fighting Islam and its pure values." He pledged to hit the militants "hard in the very center of their strongholds."

In Washington, leading members of Congress have called for increased U.S. military assistance to the kingdom. Currently, the United States is providing Jordan with $1 billion annually in economic and military assistance.