Date: 06/02/2015

Re: List of achievements of PM Narendra Modi government till now:

Within a month of Narendra Modi government assuming power, sense of disappointment has taken over the country. The reason behind such disappointment is actually partially a creation of the extremely weakened opposition and to a certain extent expectations of the people who Narendra Modi Government achievemnts think not Narendra Modi but some Harry Potter-magic has happened to Indian democracy. To change the condition of a country of 1.3 billion people is not an overnight trick. In our desperation to shatter our hopes we are failing to recognize the concrete steps that Modi government has taken as soon as it formed government. Here is a list of achievements of
Narendra Modi government till now:

• Successfully bringing Indians caught in ‘Iraq Crisis’ home In recent Iraq crisis ISIS shook not only the Arab world, but the entire world with its inhumane act of keeping civilians captive. Indian nurses working in Iraq got stuck in the middle of a civil war, but here critics started cursing the Modi government for not rescuing Indian nationals from war torn Iraq. The Indian government headed by PM Narendra Modi left no stone unturned to rescue Indians by deploying INS
Mysore in Persian Gulf. When the rescue mission was succesfully completed critics credited Kerala government for the rescue operation.

What they failed to understand is that neither foreign relations nor Indian defense forces are commanded by any state government in India. That is the prerogative of the central government which is currently under the leadership of Modi.

We may be political opponents, ideological enemies, but during hours of crisis we must act
like one big Family that is “India”. Don’t forget that first time ever in the history of India, central government has acted against the enemy to save its citizen unlike “1989 kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed” when central government threatened the JK government with dismissal if the
militants were not exchanged for Rubaiya. We can’t blame political opponents for failing to acknowledge the extraordinary successful mission of rescuing India citizens from Iraq, but the bigger concern is the Fourth Pillar of Democracy –Media—media went silent as soon as rescue mission is completed and took no pain in highlighting who really made all the efforts.

• IB report on NGO

Foreign funded NGOs are known for halting development work across the country.
Congress government never acted against them because Leftist-NGO nexus supports congress government in its ideological standing of center-of-the-left. Billions of dollars has been donated to Leftist
controlled NGO through FCRA act, to destabilize country. On one hand their coterie criticize government for not providing facilities, on other hand they halt development work. As per IB report protests led by foreign funded NGOs against development projects had caused a presumptive loss of 2-3% to India’s GDP. Again political Opponents and NGO-friendly party (with emphasis on NGO party) opted to be silent on IB report. Prominent party AAP who know for its Dharna-ist credentials
hits out at IB report, why? Because NGO are under scanner and they need to take permission from MHA before pumping foreign funds in to India.

AAP instead to encouraging foreign funded NGOs for generating funds at home lash out at IB report. Again opponents opted to remain silent.

• Process Improvement
In a significant development, central government has decided to improve its taxation process in order to facilitate direct contact with taxpayers. MEA is set to waive second police verification in case of passport renewal. 660 rape crisis centers will be established across the country and named as Nirbhaya centers. Government also planned to setup “Kisan Mandis” in order to fight food inflation. Modi is delivering but opponents are choosing to ignore it.

• Railways IRCTC performance is up with the launch of a new website and it has started working as per users’ expectation but opponent are again opting to be silent while they await loop-holes and as soon as they will get one they will start cursing everyone who voted for Modi- led BJP. Railways are planning to build high speed trains across the country in order to provide better facilities and speedy journey to passenger but opponent cursing for increase in rail fair.

• Power Crisis
AAP started criticizing Modi for power crisis; ponder upon the fact that AAP leaders are the one who are against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant or any other power sector development in the country. Though Modi said on record in Parliament that “My government will not be vindictive” and we will work in coordination with each other.

• Reliance Issue
Literally AAP abused Modi over Reliance issue but opted to be silent when Modi government imposed millions of USD fine on Reliance, the same AAP government released Rs. 320 crore to Ambani company. And don’t forget “Bahoot Hi Krantikari” Channel AajTak is also owned by Ambani which appears to be AAPTak Channel most of the times.

• Basic needs
Govt. approved proposal to raise height of Narmada dam so that more water will be available for drinking, irrigation and power generation. Protests had been led by foreign funded NGO to halt the Narmada dam in past.

• Health
In a significant development, the Modi government has decided to make X-Ray, MRI and CT scans free of cost for the poor at government hospitals.

• Environment
The govt. plans to plant 200 crore tress along the entire 1 Lakh Km length of National Highways network across the country. Under this scheme employment will be generated for jobless youth. Government is planning to implement similar scheme under MNREGA along state highways, village
and district roads. As expected opponent opt to be silent on the same, rather they are busy thumping their chest over IB reports on NGOs.

• Defense
Defense Ministry approved fast-track road building along the disputed border with China. New posts will be established in strategic position of Indo-China Border. 2 billion USD extension has been given to the Karwar Naval base in the southern state of Karnataka. Government also plans to install a new Radar station in the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal to keep an eye on China’s evil designs.
hope one day the silence will be over and opponents will recognize the efforts of PM Modi. Opponents must remember that Modi said that we will work as a team. In last few days we saw rays of hope in new government, its progressive policies and its commitment towards nation.

Responsibility falls on our shoulders now as we have a government in center which is pro-people, we must take new message to everyone. Last time (during Atal Led NDA) we failed to take our message to people which resulted into 10 years of reverse gear in country’s development. Educated Youth should keep in mind that common man don’t understand economics as we understand, so we must educate people across the country that how policies started by Modi government will help in longer run.