Date: 06/02/2015

Look at the pictures of traitors who get fat at expense of India and people of India yet are ready to do damage to both, the nation and nationals of India. It is so in Kashmir, in Jharkhand, as the pictures below show. The caption terms them 'India's youth', may be, but they are also loyal soldiers of Islamic Caliphate ready to do , if given a chance, the same thing ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria, to Hindus of India. Why they should be tolerated, where are the police or even armed forces ? Would it not be better to end the mischief now, nip it in the bud before it blossoms into unmanageable mess once some how a patriotic government is replaced by a treacherous one ? Hope some one in external affairs is educating White House as to where and how disturbance of communal harmony is coming from, otherwise they may be misled . In Indian context it is not oppressive majority but cantankerous minority that draws the blood to trigger riots and mayhem. Godhra, Mujaffarnagar are recent incidents, one can go back to Khilafat or even earlier, the plot is same. Islamic fanatics and their jihad was always the starting point.

RSS Chief, Guruji, said we will beat such Moslems, but such beating will be like mother spanking the mischievous child. Instead all through long years of Congress rule, opposite was done, each riot followed by rewards of lollipops to rioters while the victims were further harassed, as seen in Mujaffarnagar. True it was not Congress but Samajvadi party an ally in charge, only name is different but same stripes mark both the animals. Overnight Moslem killers were released, police who arrested them were transferred and relatives of raped Hindu victim instead were taken to jail. So is any wonder that a most brutal outfit like ISIS can elicit enthusiastic support from Moslem youth of India ?

The reason for such self alienation by some Moslem youth is simple. Except for two movements, 1857 war of independence, Netaji Bose Indian National Army , both of which saw participation of Hindu and Muslim patriots without any rancor or appeasement in any way, all other movements especially those led by Gandhi were marked with encouraging Islamic fanaticism not national integrity. The same policies, that of British to divide and rule and that of Gandhi appease endlessly were followed until recently. One Congress PM even said to Kashmir separatists, after they cleansed out Hindus from the valley, not even sky is the limit when it comes to granting the wishes of Kashmir Moslems. And during all these maneuvers the moderate, pro-India Muslims and their organizations were sidelined and ignored. Jinnah was ignored as long as he remained nationalist but only he turned 'radical', supporter of partition, then he was getting courted with not even sky being the limit. Thus the incentives were all for the anti-India extremist Moslems.. The blame for radicalization thus rests as much with so called secular parties as with Saudi financed Madrasas and Mullahs. Hence when a Mullah says in India he will raise an army of 500,000 Moslem youth to join ISIS, he was not exaggerating.

A combination of stick as Guruji pointed out along with right kind of education away from fanatic schools engaged in indoctrination of hate India, hate Hindu are of utmost importance. So far only baby steps in reforming education system through introducing some aspects of India's culture like teaching Samskrutam and telling history without censoring achievements of Hindus, the ancestors of all people of India, were taken. Let the street curs howl at march of royal elephant. All these things and more need to be done in fact on a war footing before yet another generation of India's Madrasa Moslem youth get radicalized to hate India much like Pakistan.