Date: 06/02/2015


A single person can make difference is evident from the story below. Job offers are pouring in to India's colleges by recruiters . We have not seen this happen all during 2G's UPA rule.
We are all impatient of course to see the crooks behind bars , perhaps the strategy being pursued in a systematic manner by Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be proper. First get the job done with regards to providing opportunities to India's growing numbers of youth, get them employed while all around the world develop better relations with the nations that matter, and of course keep firing back at Pakistan several times more each time it violates ceasefire, rather than go after politically highly placed crooks arrest of them at this early stage will be a distraction in causing turmoil, ganging up of opposition political parties almost all of them led by thieves who stole different amounts of public exchequer. Also according to some reports, behind the scenes some of the loot is being repatriated back to India. Whether this quiet strategy instead of fireworks or like China which sends the corrupt to gallows not just to jail, is better or not , time will tell.

Meanwhile let us rejoice at the salutary changes taking place over all in India from cleaner streets to cleaner politics and more jobs all of them leading to more optimism among people in general for present and future. All these things are good for India and for the world. Because these are clearly telling that it is not necessary to abandon democracy in favor of authoritarianism for any backward country to start with to make progress. Thus India with background of Hindu culture civilization that are benign, benevolent are helping triumph of democracy in the world. Integrity, leading a life of piety, lack of corruption, 'Karmasu Kausalam' , efficiency in doing the job, moral living and high noble ideas all are Hindu values which make difference not tyranny of authoritarianism as we saw during emergency in India or at present in Maoist Communist China.

Best wishes,
G V Chelvapilla
Job offers flood India's leading undergraduate colleges; top salaries rise by 28%
By Rica Bhattacharyya & Anumeha Chaturvedi, ET Bureau | 6 Feb, 2015, 10.35AM IST37 comments |Post a CommentREAD MORE ON » Shillong | Lady Shri Ram College | KPMG | IIM | Deutshe Bank | Deutsche Bank
Delhi’s St Stephen’s College has reported a top salary offer of Rs 16.5 lakh/annum by Deutshe Bank, which tops the average salaries offered at IIM.Delhi’s St Stephen’s College has reported a top salary offer of Rs 16.5 lakh/annum by Deutshe Bank, which tops the average salaries offered at IIM.ET SPECIAL:Delhi Polls 2015: Don't miss out on in-depth coverageMUMBAI/NEW DELHI: Offers are pouring in at the country's top undergraduate colleges from old and first-time recruiters with highest salaries, on average, up by 28% this year, even as the top three Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) prepare for placements later this month.

An upbeat business sentiment is prompting recruiters to woo talent with higher pay packages than a year ago, with highest salaries at premier undergraduate institutions such as St Stephen's, Lady Shri Ram College(LSR), and St Xavier's, Mumbai surging to Rs 15.0-16.5 lakh per annum in 2014-15 fromRs 10-14.7 lakh a year earlier. Placement offers in all these colleges keep coming in till April and even June for some.

Top recruiters include McKinsey & Co, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Boston Consulting Group, Citibank, Bain & Co, Deloitte, PWC, Credit Suisse, and AT Kearney, among others. Average and median salaries at IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode hovered at Rs 12 lakh last year. The average salary at the newer IIMs in Trichy, Raipur, Ranchi, Shillong, Rohtak were at Rs 9-12 lakh. Most of the offers were for economics, mathematics, statistics, and commerce courses.

Delhi's St Stephen's College has reported a top salary offer of Rs 16.5 lakh per annum byDeutshe Bank, which tops the average salaries offered at the leading Indian Institutes of Management. The highest pay package at St Stephen's in 2013-14 was at Rs 14.70 lakh offered by Mckinsey & Co.

Job offers flood India's leading undergraduate colleges; top salaries rise by 28%

"This year was better than last year. While last year we saw 300 placements at the end of the session, this year so far already 270 students have been placed and companies come in till June," says Bhushan Kumar Goyal, associate professor — department of commerce and placement coordinator at Delhi's Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). There were three new companies in its 'Superdream' (above Rs 12 lakh) category this year including BCG, Nomura and AT Kearney. The highest salary at the college this year was around Rs 15 lakh.

The highest salary at St Xavier's Mumbai was up to around Rs 16 lakh from Rs 10 lakh a year ago. Till December, the college had recorded nearly 100 recruitments. "Recognition of intellectual calibre of our students, declaration of timely results due to autonomous status of the college leading to earlier joining can be some reasons for increase in placements," says Roy Thomas, placement coordinator.

LSR College saw the number of offers in the first season this year rise to 65 as compared with 48 students last year in the first season.

"The reason could be more number of students interested in placements and more companies coming in and offering competitive packages," says Kanika Khandelwal chairperson of the placement committee at LSR.

The highest offer this year is atRs 15.5 lakh per annum by a global business and finance firm, up fromRs 13 lakh last year.

BCG was a first-time recruiter at colleges like St Stephen's and SRCC, with offers as high as Rs 15 lakh. The advisory firm has doubled its intake from undergraduate campuses this year as opposed to last year.

"We hired around 16 students last year and the number for this year will be at 32-33. This is in line with our business growth. We're growing and hence felt the need to expand recruitments from undergraduate colleges," says Suresh Subudhi, partner and director, BCG. Salaries range from Rs 10-15 lakh and students are hired for the post of associate.

St Xavier's, Kolkata started its placement season in January 2015 and so far, 100 students have been placed. The average salary is at Rs 7-10 lakh per annum. "Market conditions are good," says Niladri Sinha, placement officer.

A majority of offers at these colleges are for the roles of business analyst, business associate, acturial analyst, programmer, data analyst, sales and marketing and so on.

At Hansraj, another Delhi University college, the number of offers extended to students so far is 125, up from last year's 119. "We still have many companies lined up such as S&P Capital IQ, Libsys, TCS, PwC for placements and KPMG, EY India for articleships.

The reason for this increase is that more companies have started accepting that graduate colleges are a good source of recruitment, which ensures a diverse pool of students coming from different backgrounds," says a spokesperson.

Citibank, one of the top recruiters, hired from undergraduate schools for its Graduate Management Associate programme, like it did last year.

"The programme hires vary from 12 to 15 each year and that is the number we are targeting for 2015 as well," says Sarab Preet Singh, head —recruitment, learning and talent development, Citi India.

After completing the two-year programme, the students can pursue further education through a scholarship tie-up with ISB or apply for permanent roles within Citibank.