Date: 06/02/2015

Dear Sir,

NRI's have great love for their land of roots, culture and spirituality.

Unfortunately our Motherland has been SLAVE under foreign boots for a very long time in which all sorts of tricks. measures, acts, deeds and legislation were imposed that were to "BASH" and DEMORALISE the Hindus.

Hindus being the natives of the soil, have been perceived by the invaders, raiders and colonial masters, to have a stake in the soil (TERRITORY). Hence to keep possession of TERRITORY the Hindus had to be crushed, demoralised, weakened and impoverished.

We, the people of India, were subjected to frustrating slow grinding bureaucracy, corruption, discouragement at every step, killing the initiative of citizens, nepotism and the inert Baboo Raj.

For those living abroad, the law to GIVE UP Indian passport on acquiring any foreign nationality was always a blow. This was to SEVER the connection with our Motherland.

Imposing VISA charges to visit one's own land of birth was equally an atrocious measure. We could see that Mother India was a concubine and could not speak up against such step motherly treatment of NRI's by the stone hearted RULERS, including the ITALIAN Mafia.

Now that there is FREE AIR to breathe in Bharat (since May last year) NRI's should be allowed to travel to and fro Bharat from any part of the world without having to pay for visa.

Thank you for sharing our concern regarding all these issues, particularly visa requirement for Indians living abroad who intend to visit India!
7 Feb 15.