Date: 13/02/2015

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First SHAME goes for the (once) warrior Sikhs who have shown NO conviction in their Faith. None ever approached the Italian Catholic Sonia Maino to commend their NATIVE faith. They went by the dictum, "No Sister, just be a better Catholic. We do NOT commend our native Sikh Faith to you. That will dent our claim to be SECULAR and also make you look inferior like us."

They forgot the SIMPLE fact that Lahore was LOST and Sri Nankana Sahib went under a foreign flag just because their powerful Maharaja in 19th century never commended his Faith to any Mohammed during his 40-year rule. A hundred years later not only Lahore went to the ENEMY but also all the Sikhs living in that metropolis were EXTERMINATED. No Sikh organisation has ever held a seminar on the loss of Sri Nankana Sahib. Is it not a SHAME that in the Land of Sri Rama and his sons, LUV and KUSH, our Divine Guru, Nanak Devji, born in Punjab, has been RELEGATED while Mohammed, born in Arabia, ELEVATED?

Second SHAME goes to VHP in Bharat, the LEADING Hindu organisation. They have staff and resources to ensure strength of Hinduism across Bharat. But they never held any discussion as to why we lost Sindh and FOUR other provinces of Akhand Bharat so easily. They would have found out the answer as early as March 1940, when the lethal threat first appeared as "Pakistan Resolution" of Lahore- that Jinnah had relied on HEAD COUNT and claimed all those areas where the followers of Mohammed of Mecca were a majority. Would they not have put the NUMBERS on top of the agenda from that year onwards? What kind of pc (political correctness) is this if the Hindus dare not speak about factors that would break up Bharat and result in the slaughter of MILLIONS of Hindus? How can a great nation like ours be so cowed down by a "bandit" like NEHRU not to mention the threats facing the Hindus?

Third SHAME goes to our new and popular prime minister's office (PMO) that does not know the meaning of "Chiraagh ke neeche andhera!" (DARKNESS under their noses!) It was easy for these people on high salaries to notice the loneliness of their prime minister's wife who was sitting forlorn and overlooked by the whole country busy celebrating Modiji's glory? As per Hindu tradition our top lady (Mrs. Modi) could neither be ignored nor divorced. On winning the top seat of political power in the country, the new Prime Minister had to ask his separated wife to "forget & forgive" (the past) and stand by him and share the glory with him. There were POSITIVE implications in this step: Dignity of women, reduction in cases of rape; and joy and thrill of all the girls and women in Bharat. They cannot be happy seeing our TOP man standing alone in international lime light! Shri Modi was carried away in PUBLIC life while neglecting DOMESTIC scene at home.

Each and every HINDU ought to spend less time on Bhakti but a LOT MORE on Shakti. All Hindus ought to notice the flow of history against us. Those who have rushed in from the Middle East or from further West have only ONE aim- TO DRIVE THE HINDUS FROM LAND, to capture our TERRITORY and KILL or CONVERT the Hindus. What is going on in Bharat is the REPEAT of the fate of native Hindus in Latin America, only in slow motion, and in South Asia, this time.

One foreign column is weakening and destabilising the Hindu nation by force, threats and bullying. The other group is doing the same for the Pope in Rome in a sophisticated manner. NEITHER is for Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak or Guru Gobind Singhji. The foreigners know the Himalayan size inferiority complex of the natives who behave like the three monkeys, "Heard nothing, Saw nothing and Said nothing!" in order to prove their Secularism.

But we cannot cry "SHAME!" for our enemies who deserve PRAISES for their commitment to their aim and their SUCCESSES.

We all ought to feel embarrassed and ashamed that the Christian missionaries spotted the "vacuum" and thrust in with full force to unsettle the top Hindu house in Bharat by seeking to convert the PM's estranged wife.

NRI's are spread across the whole world. We have diplomatic missions in nearly all world capitals. THEY ARE ALL supposed to keep eyes and ears OPEN to see if there is any Hindu preacher seen in public or allowed to commend our religion so openly to masses as they are doing in Bharat. They are supposed to send useful suggestions back home, not just operate like at the time of anti national Hindu bashing Congress Era. Up to now NOT ONE AMBADDADOR, or HIGH COMMISSIONER, has told Government of India that provision of toilets in Europe and North America is universal, and the traffic stops at red lights. The present diplomatic corps should all be dismissed or re-trained if they cannot convey useful information back home. How a trading company in the 18th century used to send political and economic news back to London when the Hindu rulers and the Sikh Maharaja did not know where London was!

Now let us turn to Mrs Modi and RESTORE her morale and Faith in Hindu Dharma. If she has time on hand then SUGGEST to her to take up the patronage of some good causes and charities like support to temples, SAFETY OF WOMEN, EDUCATION AT PRIMARY LEVEL, BURKA and FGM, and go out to visit military units in operational areas. There are many fields where the First Lady of Hindusthan can be seen ACTIVE.