Date: 20/02/2015

20/02/15. Re: Stop MIMís entry into Maharashtra : Shri.Raja Singh Thakur, MLA, Bhagyana...

This renewed problem (looming threat of menacing Islam in PARTITIONED India) is NATIONAL, not local.
Bharat is the ONLY country in the world where the MAJORITY is scared of the minority.
Bharat holds WORLD RECORD in slavery. The reason?

Gentle, appeasing, accommodating Hindus (chanting "Ishwar Allah tero Naam") with the Belief in "Family of Man", not in "Family of Hindus". Thus we are PITCHED in perennial ideological and psychological WAR against the "Brotherhood of Islam" and "Family of Christ". They have a clear IDENTITY. We have NONE. ("Secular" equals "Mongrel"!)

Thus political slavery may have GONE but mental slavery REMAINS!

The NATIVES have been ruled, misruled, beaten, thrashed, bashed, kicked, killed, raped and CONVERTED as no other people on earth, and during the entire human history.

Naturally, this long period of SLAVERY had to leave its ugly stain (mark) on the PSYCHE of people and differently EVOLVE a group of humans the way the Hindus are today, as seen in the following e-mails, as seen from the cries & wails from Sindh, Srinagar and Bengal (both EAST and WEST).
In reality our demand should not be to "tame the wolf" but to EXPEL him to his own especially designated well defined enclosure (homeland) called "Pakistan". A WOLF CAN NEVER BE TAMED!
The need of the hour is to PUT "PARTITION" IN SCHOOL CURRICULUM so that the IGNORANT people, brainwashed by the "bashing & battering" from the dirty Trinity of "DYNASTY, CONGRESS (ITALY) & ISLAM" is wiped out from the land of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Mahatma Buddha, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singhji.

Dealing with the havoc caused, and threatened, by the followers of "MOHAMMED OF DESERT" is not for local parties or authorities. It is a challenge stuck in the face of PARLIAMENT (lok sabha) in New Delhi. Turning the face away will not remove the black TAR stuck to it!

In a message dated 20/02/2015 07:24:46 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxx writes:
Now Asad-Ud-Din Owaisi is banned from entering Bengaluru city.
The more he is 'banned' the more popular he becomes.
In fact, he wants his entry banned at more cities or places;
More and more Muslims will become his ardent followers.
By placing restrictions, we are endowing him with unnecessary importance.
His party was a Gully party limited to Old city of Bhagya Nagaram only.
Our own petty politicians (Hindus) made him big due to vote politics.
No amount of lamenting will serve any purpose now.
"As you sow; So you reap".