Date: 27/02/2015

Esteemed writer (e-mail below), you have called for views. Here is one:

Constitution of India is the second worst criminal fraud & deception on the ignorant, disunited, unsuspecting and extremely timid Hindu nation that is also brainwashed to the extent as to turn a BLIND EYE to the ultimate historic High Treason committed by All India Congress Party, at present under Italian born Sonia Mano Gandhi, with Nehru and Gandhi on top of the Indian politics in 1947 (Partition) and 1953 (Constitution).

This document suits the UNITED States of America but definitely NOT our BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State)!

If that BOGUS Partition WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION OR REFERENDUM was the worst defeat and surrender of history, the Constitution accepted, justified and legalised it with eyes closed and BRAINS shut.

It the writers of Constitution did not have a clue to what happened on August 15, 1947 then they were no better than the SHEEP who, being busy grazing on grass, or seeing the stick in the hand of the shepherd, do not notice when one is taken away for slaughter or carried off by the wolf.

It is beyond comprehension that after the passage of nearly SEVEN DECADES (a whole generation) the Hindu scholarship has FAILED to grasp the IMPLICAIONS of that humiliating Partition, and this despicable Constitution, that turns a BLIND EYE to it.

One can only feel extreme SHOCK, REGRET and ANGER for the political demise of Hindu leadership in 1947 and 2015.

This Constitution, along with Gandhism, MUST go!


PS: The e-mail below is short but extremely well thought out & written, and its conclusion is vital for the survival of Hindus in Hindusthan with MILLIONS already wiped out and hundreds of thousands living as wretched refugees and the rest feeling scared, subjected to threats and frequent incursions and massacres and in fear and uncertainty about the future on our very own home ground.

In a message dated 27/02/2015 19:48:35 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXX writes:

Parliamentarians as well as blind supporters of BJP, were thrilled to hear the passionate speech delivered by prime minister in Rajya Sabha. May I draw your kind attention to Modiji's comments over the "constitution of India"? Modiji does believe that our Indian constitution is in place after years of thinking by great minds of the time. If you heard the same what I have mentioned, we Hindus are in big trouble. Let's be clear, if we do not replace the current constitution, Hindus will never have dream Bharat.

I hope to hear your views on this particular issue than dreaming about Modi abandoning Gandhi-ism.