Date: 01/03/2015

We must ban Congress Party of India, Communist Party of India, Muslim League and other organisations and institutions who are associated with these anti India parties to save India .


Vultures of democracy, do not understand culture of democracy. So called Indian democracy, secularism, is being used, to promote Islam, in India, and crush Hindus in HINDUSTAN.!!

Shame on SILENT, 80% Hindu community, of HINDUSTAN. !!


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(1940. "Pakistan Resolution" of Lahore was slap in the face, or the harbinger of Partition, of India!)
The separatist Muslim, always the devil in the house, learnt of the departure of the British from India. So he put his stake in the soft Hindu soil, saying-
“In a democracy the majority Hindus will pass any laws that could be against the separate interests of the Muslim minority.” And he added, "Once we Muslims ruled this land for centuries and treated the Hindus like dirt!"
Hence he demanded to take out the Muslim majority provinces in order to create a sovereign independent ISLAMIC State called “Pakistan” to live his own way of life under Sharia Law.
The Hindu majority had all the intellect, culture & “dharma” but no guts, no unity. Their top leader was a self-professed COWARD who declared, “We shall rather die than oppose, or call our Muslim brothers enemies!” while at the same time condemning any sign of Hindu retaliation or opposition to the Muslim audacity and High Treason.
The result? Ignominious break up of India into three parts, (1) West Pakistan, (2) Bharat, and (3) East Pakistan, happened easily and smoothly like a hot knife cutting through soft butter.
What happened on the day (August 15, 1947), the second anniversary of unconditional surrender of Japan before the Allies two years earlier, was an eye opener.
Suddenly the Muslims, living in peace until then, became savage “beasts” like the British passport holder “Jehadi John” who has BEHEADED in cold blood several innocent Western hostages in Syria. See:
Blame for his turning a "human killer beast" will be laid on all sorts of causes but the main cause will be overlooked. It was India’s cowardice in not telling (educating) the world that “Ordinary Muslims can turn beasts in no time. BEWARE!”
Our India behaved like the virgins who were continuously raped by Jimmy Saville in England but preferred to keep quiet over their ordeal and shame, thus encouraging the rapist to carry out more rapes undeterred. See Daily Mail, London, dated February 28, 2015:
The report found: There were 34 rapes and 126 indecent acts on victims aged from eight up to 47. 73% of his victims were aged under 18, and most were girls aged between 13 and 16.
By act and deeds Jimmy Saville behaved like the Indian Muslims in 1947 who suddenly turned murderers, looters and rapists.
Mr Saville and Jehadi John have now been exposed, but what about the Indian Muslims whose crimes were a BILLION times more barbaric, brutal and savage?
The question will always haunt us? "Would the world have been wiser on the NATURE of ISLAM, and safer as a result, had India not concealed her rape and shame (and mutilation) in 1947? The answer is, "YES!""
No President and Prime Minister of India has ever said that his country ("Akhand Bharat") was “raped & killed” in 1947.” The half awake cowards only look at the departure of the British colonial masters, and call it “INDEPENDENCE”!
The world has remained POORER on their knowledge of the true nature of Islam. One could have FORESEEN and FORETOLD the massacres of Yazidis, Jews and Christians in Middle East, the beheading of Western reporters and aid workers, destruction of ancient and priceless relics from Buddha statues in Bamyan (2001) to the 3,000 year old rare artefacts at Nineveh, Irak (2015) and the plight of Hindus in Sindh, Kashmir and East Bengal (Bangladesh) today.
India, the “raped virgin”, should have cried out in 1947, loud enough, and long enough. for all the world to hear, and take note, when, according to a betrayed Hindu fleeing Lahore, “Mother India was slapped in the face and given a boot up her back!”
It is only now that a few patriots have given the call to “End Gandhism," and RE-WRITE the Constitution!”
It is too late for all the Yazidis dead and raped, and for all the Western hostages beheaded by Jehadi John. And it is too late even for the Hindus in Hindusthan who are destined to perish eventually if they, under this Constitution, continue to tolerate, leave aside embrace, the fundamentalist Muslims (cancer in Bharat's body) who blindly believe in the "Believer-Infidel" ("Momin-Kafir") division of mankind!
28 Feb 15