Date: 15/03/2015

Re: 15 Killed in attacks on Churches in Pakistan DURING SUNDAY WORSHIP.

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Lack of wisdom , even common sense perhaps, is evident in Christian circles in India led by the counterparts of Mullahs i.e Missionaries. In India when the two Ms join together campaign against Hindus, in attacks against Hindus, for e.g in Assam.

Please see latest news from Pakistan where yet another attack on Christians took place there. If in India some vandalism or burglary against one or two churches takes place in Delhi, it becomes international campaign issue to put Hindus in dock having even President of US to lecture to India on religious tolerance. But massacres of Christians in Pakistan does not merit that much attention. After all a sheep,goat or a cow are slaughtered but not wolves and jackals. So why not tolerant and ever accommodating 'sarva dharma samabhava' docile Hindu be targeted for vilification ? This is same as in jungle, a Jungle law, with which these monolatrous creeds are very familiar, having conducted pogroms all through their existence against likes of Hindus in continent after continent.

We , Hindus feel sorry, empathy to affected helpless Christian minority whose fate is that they replaced largest minority , Hindu at one time, in Pakistan. It is doubtful whether those who used Christianity as a tool for colonialism in the past, as a tool for exploitation at present will ever have any tender regard for the affected in Pakistan. They are only good for exchanging bibles for diamonds from children of Africa. Their hate towards benign, benevolent Hinduism will never permit these Christian bigots to make common cause with Hindus of 'Indian subcontinent' who have suffered more than any latest largest minority in Pakistan. Ignoring such elements, Hindu organizations, Hindu nation, India can and should join hands with humane and humanitarian Christians in the West much like with Jews of Israel against these beastly characters in Pakistan or in another Islamic state in Syria-Iraq, who are unforgivable for they know what they are doing.

It may also be noted the media be it in India or in West , even though they make a note now and then on attacks on Christians in Pakistan while routinely informing their gullible readers that Christians are largest minority in Pakistan, but never tell them as to how Christians became largest minority instead of Hindus who were not too long back. After all educating the public is not job of illiterate profession. More over saying truth about genocide of Hindu, largest minority once upon a time in Pakistan would amount to questioning the peace loving credentials of majority , Wahabi Sunni creed there, which is not politically correct. Also it is not wise economically. After all the masters of Pakistan, Saudis are Wahabis and still they hold purse strings of oil drum money .

Fortunately India is in ascendancy. World will not wait for any nation, to solve one problem first and then take care of another. A nation has to come up with solutions to many problems at the same time. India is challenged on many fronts. Nearby Pakistan takes precedence because of proximity as well as clear and present danger it poses of which it makes no secret . Humanitarian challenge it poses is most heart rending , be the affected are Hindu or Christian, after all they too would have been all Indian had it not for partition thrust on India due to bogus two nation theory. So there may be more than moral responsibility on New Delhi to make amends to Himalayan blunder of partition . At least to start with let India lodge a protest and take the matter to every international fora to put Pakistan on dock and anti-India Christian bigots to shame. Such concern and attitude of Hindu is in consonance with world view of 'vasudaika kutumbum' all the world is one family , as our Veda proclaims.

�Our brothers shed blood only because they are Christians,� the pope said, according to Vatican Radio .

After the bombings, angry Christians began smashing windows and blocking traffic in Lahore. The mob beat two people suspected of involvement in the attacks and then set their bodies on fire.

Christians make up only about 1 to 2 per cent of Pakistan�s population, but some analysts say they account for up to 10 per cent of Lahore�s population. Many Christians in Pakistan are poorly educated and relegated to living in slums and working menial jobs.

They are also frequent targets of attacks. In September 2013, more than 80 were killed in a suicide bombing at a church in Peshawar just as Sunday services were ending.

Peter Jacob, a Christian activist in Lahore, said Pakistani Christians feel as if they are being pushed out of the country, where 97 per cent of the population is Muslim.

Even though Pakistan�s military continues to battle Islamist militants in the northwest, Jacob said not enough is being done to address the �root causes of extremism.�

This was the scene of attack on Churches at another time when 77 were killed in Pakistan.