Date: 17/03/2015

16 March 2015.

Permission to convert the church into either a garden centre or a cafe was flatly rejected by the Tory-run council which favoured instead appeasing the 2% Muslim population of the town by converting our church into their mosque.


People ought to KNOW that the mosque will propagate the supremacy of ISLAM as a political force in order to replace the centuries old foundations of Christianity in the United Kingdom. A mosque is not like a church or temple where families gather and sit and pray together for the peace on earth.

Fundamentalist Muslims are a GLOBAL force for destruction as seen from the attacks on WTC Towers in New York and later in Madrid and London and the ongoing raised level of threat of terrorism in our cities.

They are a global menace as seen from the flight of young boys and school-going girls who disappear here only to surface in Syria. That is the proof of international dimension of Islamic threat to the entire civilised world.

ISIL or the "Islamic State" is the nucleus of a new global Islamic Caliphate where Christians, Jews, Kurds and Yazidis are being beheaded, killed, abducted and raped in broad daylight, where ancient statues and temples, mankind's precious historic heritage, are being destroyed by these barbarians. Their role model are the 7th century wild and lawless bedouins in Arabia. They share the same ideology with the pirates of Somalia, the Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Al Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

How are those Muslims any different from the ones who will come to pray in this mosque in Bromley, Kent? Do they read a different book of prayer for inspiration?

And how are the Muslims here different from those who broke up United India in 1947 to carve out Pakistan that is now seen as a terrorist state by the civilised world?

How many "good" Muslims living in this country travelled to Syria to negotiate with the likes of JEHADI JOHN, product of a London MOSQUE, to spare the historic relic of our past, and to release the aid workers and the journalists he threatened to behead in broad daylight?

And how many Muslim organisations here have condemned the bomb blasts in Lahore, Pakistan, that killed 16 and injured 71 worshippers in two churches on Sunday?

The British must be totally naive to ignore the absence of churches in Saudi Arabia and their "safety" in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the plight of Christians under ISIL in Irak but to yield space to ISLAM in this country, step by step, only to be ousted completely in the end!

To avoid the ultimate collapse that is awaiting us in a few decades or years, the time to act is today.

in the name of countless million innocent people, including Drummer Lee Rigby, who were slaughtered by their Muslim fellow citizens in the name of religion.