Date: 18/03/2015


As much I have respect for those people who blame "Hindus Sleeping" in India, I wonder how long this slogan will go? If Hindus were sleeping in India then who voted for absolute majority for Modi in the center and Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi?

One of the most essential duty for a citizen is to vote for their MLAs & MPs and in turn these MLAs & MPs are bound under sacred oath to do only right thing for the country. May be Hindus took time in waking up but they did show their intent in last general election. The question I am asking is why the so called MPs are not doing their job right? When you people are going to ask them to wake up? More precisely, why our PM is not doing following as promised during his campaign:

1. Must investigate all corrupt politicians from all political parties. Any one found guilty of breaking laws of the land, especially doing unconstitutional, must be indicted and punished by law.

2. Must investigate powerful non-politicians, ex: Priyanka & Robert Vadra and others for wrong doings. I for one would like to know under which law he was given free pass on all the airports in India.

3. Appoint 21 members committee of true scholars to rewrite "constitution of Bharat" and must replace Indian Penal Code (IPC) which was jammed in the throat of Hindus by the British occupiers.

If Modi delivers above written three very important demands which we the Indians truly care and voted him for, rest will automatically will follow for second year, third year and so on.