Date: 26/03/2015

What kind of leaders do we need in order to ensure the integrity of our country, safety of our lives & dignity of our daughters?

75 years ago, on March 23rd. 1940, our native �lions� (STALWARTS like Gandhi & Nehru) had to be wide awake and full of courage in order to shout at Mohammed Ali Jinnah: �Withdraw your �Pakistan Resolution� or we will chase you, treacherous lot, beyond our frontiers and get rid of you for ever!�

Later, when it was too late (they merely winked and saw Bharat disembowelled instantly!), their roar became the dying squeak of a mouse caught in the mouth of a cat called �Mohammed Ali Jinnah�.

SHAME on us, the PEOPLE of India, to choose LEADERS like them and suffer horrendous defeat and humiliation at "Partition"!

Earlier, our lions did roar when Afzal KHAN was dispatched to Hell by Shivaji and thereafter when General Hari Singh Nalwa captured Khyber Pass. (See inspiring pictures at- http://search.aol.co.uk/aol/image?q=Capture+of+Khyber+Pass+by+Sikh+army )

But whose ROAR have we heard now?


(See The Daily Telegraph, March 24, 2015, p. 12)


We will shut extremist mosques, vows May

Home Secretary pledges Tory Clampdown on radical Islamists who spread �messages of hate� to ensure respect for British values.

By Ben-Riley Smith, Political correspondent

THE authorities will be given powers to shut down �extremist� mosques, penalise foreigners who refuse to learn English and make migrants promise to �respect British values� under Conservative plans to tackle terrorism.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, yesterday set out manifesto pledges designed to protect Britain from the threat of Islamist terrorist attacks and home grown extremists.

As part of the plans, foreigners will have to sign a declaration as part of their visa application saying they will abide by British values.

Mrs May also said she wants to tackle the rise of Sharia courts that force women into �penury� and abusive relationships.

It comes amid growing fears over the hundreds of British citizens who have travelled to fight alongside terrorist organisations.

Mrs May conceded that the proposals will only be enacted by a Tory government post-election after measures were blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

Cabinet ministers accused the Lib Dems of �dithering� over the issue and said they had prevented the Tories from unveiling new legislation to protect the UK from terrorists.

However, there were also claims that measures were watered down after opposition from Conservatives themselves.

Seven Tory ministers raised concerns, said the Financial Times, including Eric Pickles, the Communities secretary, who feared vetting faith leaders was too time-consuming.

Speaking in central London, Mrs May said Britain will no longer tolerate the behaviour of Islamist extremists who �reject our values�. She also said that a Tory government will create a system of new closure orders to shut down premises used by extremists.

It will launch an independent investigation into sharia in England and Wales and begin a �positive� campaign to promote British values �more assertively�. There would be penalties for benefits claimants who refuse to learn English and visitors on time-limited visas would have to sign a declaration to �respect British values�.

In addition, all foreign religious workers in pastoral roles would be required to speak English while citizenship law would be reviewed to make sure successful applicants fall into line.

Mrs May used the speech to outline exactly how the Conservatives believe government should talk �more assertively� in striving to clamp down on extremism.

She drew a distinction between the principles of Islam, which were �entirely compatible� with British values and those of Islamist radicals which were undermining the UK.

There were also proposals to create a national database of school governors to help avoid a repeat of the so-called Trojan Horse plot by Islamic radicals to take over Birmingham schools.

�We will no longer tolerate your behaviour. We will expose your hateful beliefs for what they are. Where you seek to spread hate, we will disrupt you.� Mrs May said. �Where you break the law we will prosecute you.�

Yvette Cooper, Labour�s shadow-home secretary, said, �It isn�t enough for the Home secretary to say it, she needs to act.�



1. We will see when the British Muslims dare to pass a "Pakistan Resolution" in the United Kingdom!"

2. ISLAM IS A RELIGON OF PEACE. This is how they proved it!

a) They shouted at the Yazidis and the Christians in Isil (Islamic State), "ISLAM OR DEATH?", and KILLED those who SPAT IN THEIR FACES & REFUSED.

My Muslim friend assured me, "All conversions to Islam are voluntary."

b) They shot at the 14-year old Malala Yusufzai to kill her while she was on her way to school. My Muslim friend later told me, "Our Prophet told us to educate the girls just like the boys."

c) Many girls and women who took part in anti Hosne Mobarak demonstrations in Cairo were indecently groped and raped by mobs when they got squeezed within the crowds. My Muslim friend later said, "Mohammed, our Prophet, asked his followers to treat every Muslim female as if she was his daughter.

d) They beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi and the British aid worker David Haines in Irak for no fault of theirs. Later my Muslim friend assured me that Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, had declared that the murder of one innocent man was like the murder of all mankind.

In the end I got so fed up with vulgarity, stupidity, illogical rants and nonsense called "Islam" that I said to him, "I think the SATAN is called a "good Muslim" when he holds the Koran in one hand and the knife in the other."

Should the besieged Hindus in Partitioned India not have a second look at the Muslims?

The same goes for the Hindu VIP's who attended the celebration at Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi last week to celebrate their "freedom from hated Hindus"!