Date: 10/04/2013


India is MOTHER INDIA to all the HINDUS round the world. But what the world does not know is that the MAJORITY community there is so weak politically and mentally that the Hindus around the world are like a LOST tribe in wildefness. It is due to the fact that their disunity and COWARDICE invited their enemies from outside to enslave them and from inside to terrify them.

After long centuries of slavery the HINDUS now regard slavery as the NORMAL WAY OF LIFE and feel comfortable only if the FOREIGNES are in control.

Day before yesterday: The foreigners were savage MUSLIMS.

Yesterday: The foreigners were the BRITISH.

Today: The foreigners are the ITALIANS.

The result in 1947 was the most vicious attack on India's integrity when the INDIGENOUS Muslims terrified the nation to take out ONE THIRD of the country to estalish separatist ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan. Immediately the MUSLIMS began with ethnic cleansing. It is only some districts in Sindh that a few Hindus have survived. They too are exposed to insults and degradation day and night.

Now and then a few manage to arrive in India and feel safe and good with the freedom that they experience for the first time in life. But when their visa expires the INDIAN authorities try to push them back to the Islamic "wolves."

These people were BETRAYED by India in 1947 and therefore they remain on the conscience of the HINDU nation as SHAME. If India is a free country their right to return should be AUTOMATIC and entred in CONSTITRUTION.

That is the case in every other country on earth. When Germany was divided, any German who escaped his East Germany was welcommed in West Germany and granted immediate citizenship and also house and initial monetary grant and help with securing job. Obviously Germany is honourable while INDIA is DISHONOURABLE.

India, that got divided on RELIGIOYUS basis to benefit ISLAM has moral obligation to welcome any Hijndu or Sikh in danger or distress in PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH who wants to come and live normal life.

One cannot expect any mercy from the GOVERNMENT of BROKEN Bharat who welcome the MUSLIMS fleeing Bangladesh and use them as their "vote bank" but hate the sight of a Hindu. One can, therefore, only look up to the HINDU orgaisations to realize their duty and obligation towards these betrayed Hindus and reach out to them.

In the meantime LAND should be purchased where RECEPTION and ACCOMMODATION for all HINDUS escaping persecution from anywhere, should be given shelter and opportunities to integrate with the society and live normally. We expect this to be taken up by our patriotic organisations like VHP, HINDU MAHASABHA, RSS, SHIV SENA, BAJRANG DAL and even BJP.

A PARLIAMENT that regards India as "Mother India" or "Bharat Maata" will automatically do the needful for these HINDU refugees but a Parliament that regards our HINDUSTHAN as the Congress Coolie Colony, or the "milk yieldigng cow" will round them up and deliver to the DEVILS who crushed Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT with one moral blow in 1947.

The world is watching whether India is honourable or a "rat.



A patriot wrote to the Editor of a leading Wekly in India;


.A group of Hindu families have crossed over to India

to avoid persecution and oppression in Pakistan. They

have narrated the appalling treatment to them and are

now concerned about the fate of their kiths and kins back in

Pakistan. In India, they are living in make-shift

accommodations with help from the NGOs. They

await Government of India extending their visas to

stay in India. The International Community ought to

do something for these poor souls.

Yours sincerely

Sd. xxxxxxx


O' Hindu nation, rise to save your lambs from the ISLAMIC wolves and bring them home from the wilderness where they will be slaughtered or converted.