Date: 28/03/2015

Dear Patriot, You wrote: "quran itself says so with sharia and hadith. muslim cannot even be a citizen of a non islamic country." (taken from your e-mail below)


Muslims are not citizens of NON MUSLIM countries out of patriotism or love. Actually their HATRED for non Muslim countries knows no bounds.

We will know if we care to ask our parents / grandparents as to what they did to us, and BHARAT, in 1947. Since they have neither apologised for killing TWO MILLION and raping tens of thousands, nor expressed regret, we know the real state of mind of the incorrigible "SWINE".

Muslims are the most happy and willing citizens of Non Muslim countries for TWO reasons:

1. In every Islamic country there is HELL let loose due to murder & mayhem. Bombs are falling from the sky and the guns are never silent on the ground. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of Muslims have FLED (and are fleeing) their own countries and living in make-shift temporary accommodation, thanks to UNO, charities supported by tax payers in the West and Red Cross.

Further proof: SHIPLOADA & BOATLOADS ARE HEADING FOR NON MUSLIM COUNTRIES, especially Europe, America and Australia.

Those out here (Western CHRISTIAN countries) will rather DIE than return to any Islamic country. The SAME goes for the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants and infiltrators in Bharat. There are MILLIONS of them, thanks to the NEXUS of "Congress, Dynasty, Italy & ISLAM" in Bapu Gandhi's gentle and all-loving Hindusthan.

2. Those who are here in the civilised West are hoping to destabilise the host countries through destruction, assassinations, seduction and rape (of even school girls as in Northern England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and so on).

When they demanded Pakistan they were full of HATRED for the Hindus to the extent of murdering, burning, destroying, abducting and raping. Yet after Partition they stayed put in the Land of Kafirs. Why?

While having "good time" they are still planning, even committing, acts of terror not only in Bharat (they have chased out the Kashmiri Hindus from their homes, and won't let us re-build our ancient Temple in Ayodhya!) but also in the West. In the United Kingdom security level has been raised high since the murder of unarmed soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight in London.

Home grown terrorists (British passport holders!) like "JEHADI JOHN" are out there in Irak and Syria, busy "BEHEADING" the Western hostages including their British fellow citizens!

Muslim "loyalty" can be seen by "Jehadi" school girls and hundreds of other young men and women who have travelled all the way from Europe to ISIL to WIPE OUT the Christians, the Yazidis, the Kurds, the Buddhists and the Hindus, as well as to destroy the priceless ancient relics & remains of great historic significance like the ruins of palaces and statues that are more than a thousand years older than Hazrat Mohammed of Mecca, and, in order to fight the West.

While ENJOYING the fruits of democracy and secularism in the West they shout in public, "TO HELL WITH SECULARISM!", "TO HELL WITH DEMOCRACY!"

Now we KNOW as to why the Muslims hate the non Muslims, YET PREFER TO LIVE AMONG THE NON MUSLIMS! O yes, now we know the reason.


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quran itself says sowith sharia and hadith. muslim cannot even be a citizen of a non islamic country.