Date: 03/04/2015


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Well one of the "Privileged Islamist politician of Kashmir" Ms Mahabooba Mufti is joining union cabinet of India ; in next few days. After praising the lord please praise RSS for recommending her presence in the Indian cabinet?

And if you still expect India to survive Islamic onslaught you are either in denial or have not understood as to why Hindus were violently expelled from only one Muslim majority state of Indian union.

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Acme security for J&K netas



Political activists cutting across party lines have kept on raising the issue of reducing the troops of the Army and paramilitary forces from the State, to extend dividends of peace to the common people of the State, but when it comes to surrendering their own security cover they desperately cling on to the same without a whimper. In the last five years, the State Government has spent over Rs500 crore to provide secure environment to these political activists.

A fleet of over 700 different vehicles have been deployed with them to ensure their safe travel and a lump sum amount has been spent on their hotel accommodation and fuel expenditure by the State exchequer. According to the Minister-in-Charge, a whopping sum of Rs506.72 crores was spent on the salaries of PSO�s, Guard Nafri, fuel and hotel accommodation in the last five years between.

The Minister-in-charge, Home Department, on Tuesday informed the Lower House that as on date a total number of 1,472 political activists have been provided security cover by the security wing of Jammu & Kashmir police�. The State Assembly was also informed that about 708 vehicles were provided by the security wing to 481 political protected persons in the State. The house was informed that no imported vehicle was deployed with any political activist in the State�.

Some of the political activists were extended secure hotel accommodation to ensure security in the last five years. According to the reply, �A total number of 440 political activists were extended secure hotel accommodation during the same period�. In Jammu division, a total number of 294 political activists were extended the security cover while 490 political activists from different districts of Kashmir were extended the security cover. From two districts of Leh and Kargil only 19 people were given security cover.

In un-categorised category, a total number of 669 political activists were also extended security cover by the State Government. In addition, Rs958.67 lakhs have been spent by the estate department on accommodation including ministerial bunglows. The house was informed that the records of deputy director, Estates Srinagar/executive engineer Estate Division, Srinagar have been washed away in the flash floods.