Date: 05/04/2015

The FIRES of fundamentalist ISLAM that turned our dear AKHAND BHARAT (United India) into ashes in 1947 have reached LONDON!

But here we have the counterparts of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS who are out in the street, in the open, confronting the hostile Muslim mob, showing solidarity against Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism. Please watch this video (https://www.britainfirst.org/anjem-choudary-london/) and be inspired.

In the UK there is NO “mahatma” like MK Gandhi who embraced the enemy out of terror and fear, and shouted, “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”

Let all the Hindu organisations from West Bengal to Kerala be INSPIRED and shed caution and terror, and shout, “Either Frontier Back to Khyber or MUSLIMS Get Out!”

The British RETALIATION will ensure that the Musilms will live here respecting the local laws, fearing loss of jobs and even being pushed out to the sea!

In any case, noticing the manliness and bravery of the British, they will not dare to kill any person or destroy any church or building, seduce or rape any minor girl, or carry out a Mumbai style terrorist attack anywhere!

Please pass it on!



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Date: 4 April 2015 at 15:10
Subject: VIDEO: Anjem Choudary protest
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Yesterday, around 100 Britain First activists confronted hate preacher and terrorist manufacturer Anjem Choudary and his minions outside the extremist London Central Mosque at Regents Park.
Protected by a heavy police presence, Choudary nevertheless addressed a large of crowd of supposedly "moderate" Muslims coming out of the mosque.
The mosque allowed him to and other convicted terrorists, such as Abu Izzadeen and Abdul Mahid, to pray inside the mosque and then go back into the mosque unhindered after his protest outside.
This from a mosque claiming it is a "moderate" mosque.
Britain First activists demonstrated to Choudary and the other extremists that he is not welcome and will always find opposition from us whenever he comes out onto the streets.
Please below to watch the full video report:
Yours sincerely,
Jayda Fransen
Deputy Leader