Date: 10/04/2013

Recently; on the plea that they would like to have a holy dip
at Paryag Kumbh Mela, a group of about 400 Hindus from Pakistan entered
Bharat. The group includes about 200 hundred young children.
They did so on the pearils of their lives, running away from daily and
perpetual harasment. Their women folks are not safe, their children are
compelled to recite Kalma in schools, they are discriminated and
humiliated for opportunities. Those, who do some business face
the Goondas raiding their assets and doing away with their monies.
There is no question of their wooes being listened to by the
authorities. This is not unusual in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Yesterday, the only visual media of India, AAJ TAK (India Today)
gave a coverage to their plight. There were some sick persons
in the group needing immediate attention and some have perished too.
They have been accommodated in a disused premises, about 18 to 20
people in a room by an NGO. They have make-shift Chullahas and some meagre

They narrated their stories for living in horror and hell in Pakistan.
They are very concerned about their kiths and kins including inform and
old elderlies in Pakistan

Their visas have expired and the Government of India is rather in-
considerate to them and the police is harassing and putting pressure
to leave India, because they are foreigners.

The Deputy Home Minister, Mr. Singh has no time to talk about them.
Perhaps it is not a priority as the Bangladeshi illegal infiltrators are.
Or perhaps there are no orders from the Queen Bee (Sonia) of the Congress beehive!

A few days ago, Mani Shankar Iyer, however had the need to emphasise that
such persons should not be treated specially and official procedures be
applied on them.

About 40 years ago, some Hindus and Sikhs, who migrated (were forced to migrate) from Pakistan
are awaiting for Indian citisenship in Amritsar. Some in Dabwali were targetted for similar treatments.

These people are crying to kill them in India rather than throwing them back to the vultures again!