Date: 06/04/2015

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From the beginning one is hurt to see an all-Muslim panel, asking questions without a single reference to PARTITION though the whole of Hindusthan has been living in the lengthening dark shadows of Partition since 1947. They all read and believe in KORAN that mentions the KAFIRS and prescribes in blood curdling terms the treatment to be given to Kafirs.

The Hindus in general are so removed from reality that "if a Muslim imagines a Hindu to be black, the Hindu sincerely thinks that the Muslim sees him as white!" Hindus' psychological fault-line needs a very close examination. It is pathetic that despite our university degrees and high qualifications and impressive world class scholarship, we still have NO idea of what a Muslim's introspection (core belief) looks like although we see it daily in beheadings by Isil, abduction and rape by Boko Haram, savage attacks by Al Qaida and the massacre by Al Shabab, leave aside the killed and raped (HINDUS) in Noakhali (1946) and West Punjab (1947). It was WORSE than what the NAZIS did to the Jews!

To all the viewers of NDTV programme it was disgusting to see the platform provided by "goats" to the "lions" to express themselves.

We cannot put the two together as equals. There will be some "equality" only after the Indian President could buy an inch of land in Kashmir while a Kashmiri Muslim can buy a mansion anywhere in India!

Vide Article 370 the Indian in Kashmir is a "nigger" and looking at the surrender of one third of India the Indian is still a "goat" in the eyes of all these Muslim participants in the panel boosting their ego when asked to state their views to the Hindu viewers.

Furthermore, while seeing the glory accorded to Indian Muslims one is conscious of the disgrace, degradation and FEAR in which the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh live. Will those (betrayed by Bharat in 1947) ever get such a platform on the national TV there?

We are sorry one cannot watch this TV programme beyond Oweisi mentioning the patriotic Hindu/Sikh parties who are the BACKBONE of Bharat 's defence while the Muslims' OPEN agenda is to wipe out the Hindu nation and hoist their own flag in Delhi. Indian Muslims look at the Indian Hindus just as IRAN looks at ISRAEL. The sooner we acknowledge this reality, the better will be the chances of Hindu survival in Hindusthan!

This Bharat is upon her knees when it comes to mentioning "PARTITION" and no self respecting Hindu would be happy to see so many Muslims on NDTV "sarkari" (pseudo-secular) stage set up to give them credence.

Since "chopping up" Bharat to take out their Pakistan, they are all traitors and enemies, and ought to be seen by NDTV (and "DOOR DARSHAN") as the Voice of America and the BBC saw the NAZIS.

Sonia Singh, the moderator, is yet another "demolished" Hindu / Sikh female who is thrilled by the sight of a Mohammed.


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Over all you are going to learn how muslims of India feel about current politics, especially under Modi-BJP government. Ironically, you are also going to learn how they view secularism, very interesting facts about their social conditions which every intellectuals should know. There are five guests and they are all muslims from different section of live as well as anchor Sonia Singh who is dating with a very well know muslim politician. Please click on the video link (below) and keep watching. The above subject line is discussed almost in the end of recording, so please have patience.




Sonia Singh of NDTV opening remark:

We are looking at an idea, a topic that is becoming increasingly controversial, the Indian Muslim and his role today. When we look at the India first and Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, we talk about hard line Hindutva. Critics say why don't we talk about radical Islam? Do we look at the opposite side of the coin? What about the politicians and what they offer the young Indian Muslim? Joining NDTV on this debate is former Minister of Minority Affairs, Salman Khurshid; Shazia Ilmi of the BJP; Asaduddin Owaisi, MP of AIMIM; retired Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain; and filmmaker and script-writer Anusha Rizvi.