Date: 17/04/2015

Member of Parliament.


Dear xxxxxxxxx,
I received your poster through the door. I like your aims, and wish you the best of luck.
I am glad that you put "Control our borders" on top of the list. I am not sure as to how good the 'Australian style system' is but would like to mention our own inefficient and corrupted "easy entry & free movement" system in the United Kingdom.

The most upsetting news every day that affects us, is the extra-ordinarily large number of migrants from Africa and Middle East trying to reach EUROPE at all cost, especially the U.K. 15,000 are said to have come in this year alone! At the time of writing there are more than one thousand asylum seekers near Calais in France trying desperately to get into this country by hook or crook.
Our "political correctness" has taken the guts out of our ruling establishment that we dare not ask, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE BY BELIEF, IDEOLOGY OR INDOCTRINATION?" If we did dare to ask this question the reply will be enlightening.

1. They are "90 per cent MUSLIMS!"
2. They are mostly MALE & single.
3. They are mostly illiterate, with no relevant work experience and with no knowledge of the English language.
4. Most were unemployed back home.
5. They have NO respect for, or idea of, "Geneva Convention".
6. Future with the Muslims.

We may look at the above in some detail.
1. They are "90 per cent MUSLIMS!" Since all the "good" Muslims are showing their true colours in Libya, Syria, Irak and Isil, they must be worse than even the NAZIS who still showed discipline not to capture, rape and sell females or destroy the places of worship, ancient monuments and relics and were not allowed to have FOUR wives at a time. They built Autobahns and Volkswagens.
2. Today's immigrants are mostly MALE & single. With their own females who are covered up head to foot in burka, confined to home, deprived of education, and forbidden to talk to any male, the obvious target are the Non Muslim females who move about freely in society. Muslim girls being afraid of �Honour KILLINGS", the Muslim males �hunt� the White Christian girls for sex as seen in North England. Obviously they are easy to lure into bed as the numbers show
In a few decades they will reproduce enough to change the demography of the land. Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs will be trying to keep the "wolves" away from their daughters or move out. 1400 violated school girls in North England are a good pointer to the Muslim psyche and "way of life".
They may be able to recite the Koran backwards but the knowledge of Koran is of no use when it comes to seeking jobs. Hailing from war-torn chaotic Islamic lands they will remain a burden on UK tax payers with regard to housing, jobs, medical care and extra school places for their children.
4. Most were unemployed back home. That is why they head for Europe with nothing to lose, in order to find work and earn livelihood in the West.
5. GENEVA CONVENTION and the Muslims.
We see the "armies of Mohammed" BEHEADING the innocent aid workers and journalists, kidnapping school girls (Boko Haram), raping and SELLING them. In Isil controlled areas the Islamic State has wiped out the entire villages of Yazidis and Christians, raped their females and sold many like the cattle. How does Geneva Convention reconcile with the savage murder of a young soldier, Lee Rigby, in broad daylight in London, or of Daniel Pearl in Karachi or of the other British hostages in Isil? How can the civilised world let in those who care two hoots for human life, women's dignity and Geneva Convention and are doing in 2015 what the NAZIS did in 1940's and Mohammed did in 7th Century?
Having seen what the Muslims do to the non Muslims when they are the MAJORITY (ethnic cleansing, rape of women, killing and beheading), let us see what they do when they are the minority, as they will be in the UK initially.
In NO country are they a peaceful, orderly and well mannered minority. We see this in South Philippines, South Thailand, Western Myanmar, India (Kashmir), USA, even UK. Hundreds of British-born young Muslims, men and women, have gone to fight along side the Isil fighters. Does it not show how much they loathe democracy, secularism and free speech, and the British "way of life"?
We also observe their duplicity! Initially they behave immaculately to gain a foothold in a new country but rapidly grow intolerant of the peace and order, threatening to subvert democracy, church and monarchy. Slogans and placards seen at their demonstrations would send shivers down the spine of normal decent citizens of this country.

Muslims do not have any friends on earth who could give a good reference on them. From the Jews and the Hindus they will get very bad marks. All the countries, wherever they killed the locals or the natives, for example the victims and survivors of the attacks in America in 2001 and in Britain in July 2005, will not wish to see a Muslim at all, nor will the Christians who were separated and killed in the Somali attack in Kenya. On 2 April last a small group of militants roved from dorm to dorm, separating Christian from Muslim students and killing the Christians. How are the tens of thousands of Muslims now �gate crashing� into Europe on daily basis any different from those murderers of Somalia, Nigeria, ISIL, Irak, Syria and Libya?

Muslims are a disgruntled, scheming, restless and frustrated lot - more into social disruption & disturbance than integration. With regard to treatment of women they go against the dictum, "Do in Rome what the Romans do." Their common perception in people�s mind is "simmering fuse� that can ignite any time. None can engage them in argument or discussion about Islam. They are noted for separatism, bullying, hostility and violence.

We should not forget those non Muslims living in this country who were lucky to ESCAPE death at the hands of their Muslim fellow citizens. That includes the Christians fleeing Middle East right now (BBC 2 documentary, "KILL THE CHRISTIANS"). That includes the Buddhists who recall these "BEASTS IN HUMAN FORM" blasting their sacred Buddha statues by tank fire in Afghanistan to the chants of "Allah hu Akbar"! That includes the bereaved families and dependents of those 3000 victims of the attack on WTC towers in New York and the injured and the bereaved of attacks on the bus and tube in London. That includes the Jews who remember the attacks in Denmark and France recently. And that includes the MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs who were massacred, abducted and gang raped during Partition of India in 1947 when whole provinces like Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab, NWFP and East Bengal were ethnically cleansed in the most savage and brutal manner.

The British are lucky not to have seen the Muslims in their TRUE colours yet. Please ask the father of the family in Rawalpindi who beheaded his own teenage daughters when their home was surrounded by Muslim mobs threatening to kill the males and rape the females.

The British who never saw occupation by NAZIS and MUSLIMS cannot visualise the future of these ISLES given the rapidly INCREASING Muslim numbers. Already the pattern is becoming clear across the world, "Muslims PRODUCE, Christians FEED!"

One must ask, �Why is there no room for these fleeing Muslims in any Islamic Republic? There are over 50 on earth, including Pakistan!

We can let in the Muslims provided we can limit their children to one or two per couple as the Chinese do; provided we require the Muslim grooms who marry non Muslim brides to embrace the bride's religion instead of imposing ISLAM on them; provided we ensure that the minimum age of girls at marriage is 16 instead of 6, as practised and sanctioned by their prophet Mohammed; provided we outlaw multiple wives as per Sharia Law; provided we abolish the separate Muslim Parliament in London; and provided we ban the burka.

The "reference" on Islam will get much longer if we were to start with the occupation and destruction of the original temples in the cities where Jesus (Jerusalem), Krishna (Mathura), Rama (Ayodhya) and Nanak (Nankana Sahib) were born. The "brutes" couldn't have behaved more badly!
There is a saying,"One rotten apple ruins the lot." Hence those good souls among us who think that the Muslims in Europe will become civilised are not aware of the fact that, on the contrary, we all could end up "rotten"! That's what a few NAZIS (�bad apples�) did to all of Germany.

The public ought to be able to trust their representatives at Parliament to safeguard peace and harmony in society for the foreseeable future, not just for the term of office.

Finally, I love those who are already here but, please, NOT one more! We ought not to invite any threat to Christianity or Monarchy in this peaceful land. Thank you.

I congratulate you for your patriotic agenda, and wish you best of luck in elections.

16 April 2015.