Date: 18/04/2015

A comment on the origin of Urdu.

It is understood that when the Afghan & Persian soldiers, posted in Lucknow and other cities, wanted to communicate with the local PROSTITUTES they used to mix Hindi and Persian. The new "bastardised" language that arose was called URDU.

The word in Persian means an "ARMY CAMP" or "Cantonment" in modern vocabulary. So it may have originated in their army camps if they commandeered the local girls to "comfort" the 'stinking' Moguls. Such practice is common by conquering and occupying armies as we know of the Korean girls who were ordered to serve the Japanese occupying forces during World War 2.

Although the mongrel language had disgusting pedigree, the ever present separatist instinct in the Muslims found it useful to assert their separate identity through it just as we see burka clad females in the shopping centres in the West where head cover among the local White girls is unknown. So they lapped Urdu up like a hungry dog lapping up sour milk in a rusty bowl.

With the passage of time the speakers of this "mongrel" dialect claimed that it was a "language" of nobility and royalty in Bharat. Under ISLAMIC rule in those centuries the status of Hindi waned and that of Urdu grew till by 1947 it was established as the language of the Indian Muslims. Like Nehru they loathed Hindi.

When Pakistan came into being its founding fathers found NO unifying language except English. Each province had its own distinct language as we see in Europe where French, German, Spanish and Italian are clearly different from each other. It was (and is) the same case in that artificial country with its native Sindhi, Balochi, Panjabi, Pushto and Bengali. Each province was (and is)proud of its own mother tongue just as one is proud of his own mother.

The rulers of Pakistan feared that the provinces in Pakistan will go their separate ways if one could not find a lingua franca to take the place of English. It is then that someone came up with "URDU"!

"Bring it from Lucknow and Allahabad to Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka, and force it down everybody's throat by force if needed. If they can be forced to pray in Arabic then they can be made to speak and write Urdu, too," they declared. But they did not reckon with the pride of Bengalis in their own mother tongue. And for that reason we saw Pakistan break up to give birth to Bangladesh.
There are still proud communities in India like the Tamils and the Bengalis, who would rather die than speak Urdu!

Ignorance, Disunity and Gentleness of the Hindus combined to facilitate the break up of Akhand Bharat and now the same national WEAKNESS is watching Urdu growing at the cost of Hindi in Bharat.

Once the Hindu nation becomes MANLY and gets rid of all the KHANS in Bollywood, and declares HINDI as lingua franca, we will see the country become strong and united like the USA and the UK where we see ONE language for all. The Welsh, the Scots and the Spaniards have to use only English in offices and shops while at home they can speak any language including Urdu.

We should discourage the use of Urdu in Bharat since it allows the Muslims to feel separate and restive. Ultimately we shall see a CLASH between the speakers of Hindi and Urdu just as was the case in East Pakistan.