Date: 26/04/2015


Indeed, at this hour of tragedy every heart is sad and we feel so helpless in front of God's will.

Nepal has many friends and as I watch the news I see many offers and many hands working to save lives there.

The next stage will be HEALING of the injured and the RE-CONSTRUCTION.
May be, the new houses will be built keeping in mind the danger from earthquakes. The Japanese would have the most experience and I hope Nepal will request them to come and advise, or help build.

I notice what you wrote about "aid in KIND, not in CASH". How right and how true you are.

I came to UK from India many years ago and when I read about Britain's financial aid to Government of India, I took courage and wrote to the then Government of UK, "Please send aid in KIND but not in cash." I had first hand knowledge of the NATIVE "RASCALS" under that discredited government of Bharat (Nehru Dynasty and Congress Party) who filled their own pockets but never spent a penny on public welfare.

I am pleased to note that India is doing a commendable job in Nepal this time due to new government in Delhi.

Luckily for Bharat now there is an honest man at the helm though one is not so sure of the staff at ground level. Culture of Corruption does not vanish in one day.

Once again our prayers for the people of Nepal to whom we "relate" strongly.