Date: 11/04/2013

Re: Ballabhbhai Patel ~ an evaluation

Thank you for this new KNOWLEDGE about those pre-partition days when the grave of Akhand Bharat was dug. Into it fell the Hindu nation effortlesly due to the "leaders" as described by you.
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But Ballabhbhai Patel was among the original sinners~ the coterie led by M K Gandhi to force Subhas resign his Congress Presidentship. The fight was between two matters of principle: Subhas was in favour of fighting for true, sovereign independence freed from all British Colonial hangover.( And he won his election on this plank defeating Gandhi's cndidate Pattavi Sitaramiyah). Whereas Gandhi was not interested for India gaining sovereign independence ~ he wanted India to remain a virtual British Colony with mere 'transfer of power' in the hands of the British loyalists, under the dispensation called 'Dominion Status'.

With the resignation of Subhas and with his marginalization from the mainstream of India's Independence Movement, turning point arrived. Gandhi blinded by his jealousy towards Subhas and due to his vindictive attitude towards Subhas, chose an unprincipled thoroughly ambitious person J Nehru as his heir. And the coterie of M K Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc.and even the so-called 'Progressive' Socialists (M N Roy, J P Narayan, R M Lohia etc.) all deserted Subhas at the critical point of India's history.

The result is all for us to see: India gained a pseudo-independence with power in the hands of agents of the Anglo-American Colonial Masters still continuing and weakened disastrously by Partition of Bengal (And of Punjab).

Also one has to remember that Subhas met Vithalbhai Patel elder brother of Ballabhbhai, at Vienna. There Vitalbhai was so impressed with Subhas' selflessness and total commitment towards full & complete indepndence, that he bestowed upon Subhas his wealth to help his freedom movement. But Ballabhbhai showed his true colours by insulting Subhas for this and Subhas returned Vithalbhai's money to Ballabhbhai in utter disgust.

It was Ballabhbhai who ordered that Netaji's photos can't be hung in prominent places like army barracks.

Also when Ministry was formed before transfer of power, jointly with the Mulsims, Ballabhbhai shd have insisted in getting the Finance, the most powerful ministry. But Muslims got the Finance without objection and thus Hindus were disadvantaged.

So, calling Ballabhbhai 'iron-man' and eulogising him is of no use.
He sinned originally by tying up with a character like J Nehru and thus became a party to his blunders.