Date: 28/04/2015

LAND (Dharti Maata) is the MOST PRECIOUS thing a person and a country has. That is why it is the PRIME target of all ill-wishers and enemies of Bharat. There is Pakistan still STUCK to our land (North Kashmir)!

No wonder under Nehru ONE THIRD OF INDIA vanished from the map overnight. He was the greatest facilitator to the advantage of alien Islam.

If we do some investigative journalism we will be shocked to learn the amount of land that is going out constantly, and has already gone out of Hindusthan to the "land grabbers" like Nehru Dynasty.

Each mosque ("NO GO" area for Hindus/Kafirs/Infidels) and grave is also "ENEMY" territory in the wake of Partition of India. That is all our SACRED "dharti" and we cannot afford to lose even an inch!

The Hindu nation needs to be conscious and aware of the implications.