Date: 30/04/2015

A good question.
Well done, Israel. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED! In our entire history there is not one instance of Israel attacking Bharat or harming our interests.

But we are perplexed at the very question below. (WHERE ARE THE 53 ISLAMIC COUNTRIES?)

We are going to turn the question on its head and ask, instead, How can someone brought up right from birth, on the doctrine, belief and lore of sworn ENMITY of Infidels, Kafirs, Jews and Christians- as per Koran, be our friend? What happened when the world hoped, prayed and expected Hitler to love the Jews or follow Geneva Convention?

Sadly, the Muslims will behave exactly like the Muslims behaving in ISIL where they have got the power and opportunity. Every Hindu child, man and woman KNOWS what the Muslims were doing to our ancestors when they (the Mohammedans) had power and opportunity during those EIGHT centuries!

If we FAIL to comprehend this ideological chasm we will be remain the perennial victims of "Sword of Islam" despite our "political correctness", moral superiority, tons of wisdom, oceans of divinity and the Geneva Convention.

The fault line, invisible to the blind, runs between Lahore and Amritsar and the WAR in the sub continent was interrupted by a temporary cease fire.

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From: Janet Levy
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Subject: More Israeli Aid Workers in Nepal Than All Other Countries! Media SILENT!

According to a chart published by CNN - but now REMOVED from their site (link no longer functions!), Israel has deployed more aid personnel to earthquake-ravaged Nepal than every other country.

There are almost 6 times as many Israeli workers as Americans, more than 4 times as many as from China, and more than 5 times as many as from the UK. (Note: The population of China is 235 times the Jewish population of Israel. Now that's "disproportionate!")

In other words, the tiny Jewish Nation has deployed almost exactly the same number of relief and aid personnel as ALL of the more than a dozen other nations sending aid COMBINED!

Yet there was scant mention of Israel, no mention in most cases, in the majority of the world media which reported heavily on the tragedy.

Poor editing? Ignorance? Political repression? No. The official reports from Nepal were accurate.

The probable explanation is simple: the editors have a fixed narrative which mere facts can't change.

"Israel can do no good. The Jewish Nation is evil. The Arab occupiers deserve to overthrow the Zionist regime which stole their lands. Disregard anything positive regarding the Jews in Israel."

The CNN report (below) is headlined: "India Leads the Massive Aid Effort...."

-- Allan

New Delhi, India (CNN) As the earth shook in Nepal, tremors were felt over the border in India as well.

It was a call to action: Within hours of the first 7.8 magnitude quake, India began planning a massive cross-border aid mission.

With each hour, the scale of the devastation in Nepal became clearer -- some 3,862 people are known to have died so far -- and plans in India, where 72 people were also killed, got bigger.

On Sunday alone, India delivered 187 tons of supplies, including 50 tons of water, 22 tons of food and 2 tons of medicine. And there will be more to come.

Hundreds of trained disaster relief troops landed in Kathmandu and quickly got to work.

With each flight in, there was a flight back out, packed with Indians and other nationals escaping to safety: 2,000 and counting have fled so far.
By Monday (27 APRIL 2015), India was in full-scale crisis mode: From airports across India, planes flew in loaded with aid, and trucks made the trip by land from India's east, aiming for more remote areas.

On the ground: Devastation in Nepal

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a special effort over Nepal. He has visited the country twice in his first year in office.

And on Sunday, in his national radio address to the nation, he said Indians needed to "wipe the tears of every Nepali, hold their hands, and stand with them."

It all highlights the more proactive role taken by India in recent months.
Just weeks ago, India flexed its military muscle to rescue Indians and other nationals from conflict-torn Yemen. Now, it is taking the lead in Nepal.

Some might say India's friendship is a signal for the other big country that shares a border with Nepal: China.

A display of hard power, perhaps to achieve enduring soft power in the region.

But in times like this, help is always welcome. First there's the immediate search and rescue operation, and then the long process of rebuilding work.

Nepal will need India's friendship -- as well as China's -- for many long months ahead.