Date: 09/05/2015

Dear Mr Cameron,

Thank you very much, indeed, for your e-mail addressed to me. Your resounding victory has given me immense pleasure. CONGRATULATIONS.

Conservative Party is the best guarantee of stability, security, social harmony and progress of the country.

I wish to pay personal compliment for your hard work & motivation and also wish to thank your great team for their dedication & commitment to ensure Party's success.

Hailing from (Partitioned) India where I saw the separatist and destructive power of Islam, and their disloyalty (treason) and brutality towards (United) India and the non-Muslim fellow citizens in 1947, my first concern would be the "SILENT INVASION" of European Union- eventually of the United Kingdom, that is going on across the Mediterranean right now.

Those thousands upon thousands of followers of MOHAMMED, crossing the Mediterranean Sea by all kinds of craft, may seem destitute today but in a couple of generations they will unite to become the "Force of Evil" to destroy not only Christianity but also our peaceful, democratic and tolerant "way of life". In short, the increasing Islam in the UK is the "time bomb" of tomorrow!

The more the Muslims, the more the acts of terrorism and sedition. With their core loyalties towards Global Islam the Muslims will pose a serious threat to cohesion and unity of the British nation.

European Union (UK included!) ought to divert this relentless Mohammedan TORRENT to other Islamic countries so that they all can live and breed among THEIR OWN KIND and live by their own Sharia Law.

Among the "Asians" living here one can safely say that, generally speaking, the Hindus contribute to (business and) Exchequer, the Sikhs contribute to (heavy manufacturing industry and) Defence, and the Muslims contribute to separatism, disruption, seduction, abduction and terrorism.

I wish you and your Government the BEST OF LUCK and SUCCESS in the coming years.

Best regards,