Date: 11/05/2015


In real life the stalwarts conquer and occupy a country and then reduce the manly genes of the defeated, thus creating two classes of humans- superior and inferior. When decades pass (in the case of Bharat centuries passed in slavery) we see the ways of life of the masters and the slaves markedly different, and set and fixed, in separate ways.

We see this while comparing life in the free West with life in subdued Bharat. Western Europe and the sub continent of India are nearly the same size with the same number of States. Now compare the state of Germany in Europe with the State of U.P. in Bharat, compare the State of France with the State of Maharashtra. Compare the State of Portugal with the State of Kerala.

In the West each State is sovereign under its own Constitution but they all come together voluntarily to form the European Union. Can we imagine the 28 States in India to create a similar voluntary association like the European Union (EU)? Definitely not since all the 28 Indian chief ministers will not mind in the least whether the prime minister was Maimoona Begum or Rajiv Khan.

There is only one reason for this: the self esteem of an average European is in marked contrast with the self esteem of an average Indian. Try to put the prime minister of France on “Union Territory” like the “Goat” of East Punjab who rules his State from Union Territory of Chandigarh without any shame!

In the recent elections in the United Kingdom we learnt something that would be IMPOSSIBLE in Bharat. The husband of the (lady) Prime Minister of Denmark is an MP in London! Please pause to see the implications. Now to another case, again in the Europe of stalwarts:

When Soviet Union collapsed Lithuania became a sovereign and independent State. She desperately needed talent for the new Parliament at Vilnius. Like so many fiercely patriotic Indians living abroad, who have spent so much time thinking of Mother India day and night, there was one Valdas Adamkus, Non Resident Lithuanian, living in America with US passport. He was known to all his fellow Lithuanians back home for his patriotic struggle to deliver Lithuania from the Soviet rule. The urge to serve his land of birth brought him back to Lithuania. There was no visa fee to enter Lithuania since he was born in that country. This is not the case with the Indian coolie colony as yet. An NRI can travel from UK to Ukraine without visa but he cannot travel to the land of his birth without visa!

Mr Adamkus returned to Lithuaniaand stood for the post of President. He won! An NRI living in Vilnius at that time joined the procession of the newly elected President (the man who had come back from the USA) from Parliament (Seimas) to Cathedral, nearly a mile away, and admired the way of life of the stalwarts on earth. ( Please open this URL to see the honours and awards conferred on Mr Adamkus by so many countries EXCEPT “coolie colony” of Bharat.

We notice two things: There are many Indian patriots living abroad who could make a big contribution to Motherland but they are denied the opportunity. Secondly the blight of Indian “coolie press”, most rotten on earth. They are all brainwashed or intimidated to sing the praises of Gandhi and Nehru though they do not know even the names of Indira Gandhi’s father-in-law and mother-in law, or anything about the father and mother of Sonia Maino Gandhi. They are not interested in the noble sons and daughters of Bharat living abroad who have done, and are doing, so much to raise the political awareness of the ignorant and intimidated collapsed Hindus back home.

We would urge Mr Modi to recognize the virtual parliament of the NRI’s living abroad who are all doing great service to Motherland despite the barriers set up by Dirty Dynasty and Corrupt Congress.

The result of denying ear to the brave NRI’s living abroad is the sight of Hindu refugee from Srinagar, demolition of Hindu Constitution in Nepal and the ruins of our historic temple in Ayodhya with the enemy terrorising the Hindus at home. All our past heroes are in the cupboard, waiting to be released, while ghosts of Nehru and Gandhi are are overhead, in ascendance.