Date: 11/05/2015

Superb! We now need the Will to implement the recipe to save Hinduism in Hindusthan.
Our leaders must be BLIND not to see that a Hindu is not allowed entry to Mecca while Bukhari in Delhi is a force to reckon with.
This despicable inverted balance is NOT acceptable.


In a message dated 11/05/2015 20:25:45 GMT Daylight Time, shobhan.ganji@rakuten.com writes:
Rascals like Syed Imam Bhukari who believes in Fascist Islamic ideology is allowed to stay in India and create Havoc . He is the biggest thug in Delhi, who was getting support from another looter and thief ( Sonia Gandhi). These anti-national elements are supported by anti-national politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laloo Prasad Yadav . Mamata Banarjee is another eccentric politician who has no control of her mouth and her actions which are going to hurt India in the longer. She doesn�t care about the death of so many Hindus in West Bengal recently. While our Vedic dharma doesn�t teach us to become aggressor, Islam is no longer a religion when it talks about Sharia and other tenets of Islam which bring total destruction and havoc to Kaafirs. Such hatred ideology has no place in the path perceived by Vedic sages and Kings of ancient India. Another fascist Owaisi ( Akbaruddin Owaisi) is openly throwing challenges to kill people . Such fascists must be brought to court and punished strictly . Khangress must be decimated from India to stop pseudo-secular ideologies which are creating hovoc in India. The only remedy to the solution is to bring a constitutional amendment which can allow the Vedic dharma as its foundational principle rather than secularism perpetuated by Idiotic Nehru. We need a system which will be compassionate to innocents but give strict punishment to people like Bhukari, Owaisi, .