Date: 12/05/2015

Re: [haindavakeralam] Demand of Hindu Homeland in Kashmir.
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Dear Friends,
In addition to Kashmir, West Bengal,Assam,UP and Bihar may also require Hindu homelands. In Nadia district in W Bengal, attacks on Hindus are reported in late news. Appeasement leading to partition, then secularism which is another name for continuing appeasement have all failed in making Hindus safe in many parts of what is left of India, nor did they make large numbers of Moslems integrate in partitioned India that included Kashmir often said to be integral part of India, yet it was in such integral part of India which had Moslem majority genocide of Hindus took place. What more evidence is needed to conclude the utter failure of policies pursued so far for last 70 years ?

It was in secular India, Hindus in Kashmir almost totally disappeared, a record perhaps exceeding that of Mughal ruler Aurangazeb.

Along with Hindu Home land in Kashmir where displaced Hindus terrorized to leave following genocide, the obnoxious 'temporary' article 370 should be removed. Great Guru Tegh Bahadur laid his life for the sake of such suffering Hindus in the past. The least Government of India can do to alleviate at least some suffering of present day Hindus of Kashmir is to have them obtain a safe Home land in Kashmir along with removal of article 370. .


G V Chelvapilla