Date: 16/05/2015


Dear ............., (British Member of Parliament)

Congratulations on your well deserved victory. Your love of people, helpfulness and Christian faith have borne fruit. Conservative Party has the best brains to give the people happiness and prosperity and give a job to everyone.

Among the grave challenges facing the new government is how to deal with the rapidly rising threat of Islamic fundamentalism that aims to weaken the Church of England and replace the monarchy with Islamic State. Our Political Correctness seems to have allied itself with the enemy.

The European “way of life” rests on Christian civilisation that has underpinned freedom of expression and encouraged the spirit of enquiry & adventure, and equality and dignity of women. It evolved after brutal bloody battles in the past and has served us well for hundreds of years.

Now, through design, or treason, the last Labour government allowed tens of thousands of Muslims to enter Britain. As a result a hostile anti democracy Ideology has taken root in this country. It is growing rapidly, threatening peace and prosperity. It is bound to lead to communal tensions. It does not bode well for the future.

Intolerant, separatist and archaic Islam is totally incompatible with the teachings of Christianity and modern free society. Islam is the only religion on earth that acts and behaves very differently in different geo-political environments and countries. It changes its colour instantly like a chameleon. We see its true face in Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaida, Taliban and Hizbutahrir while here in Europe we see it in a very harmless light. It is cunningly “crafted, tailored and packaged” to appeal to the students at universities, prisoners in jails, curious adventure seeking females, television viewers, radio listeners and the gullible and the naïve. We are being deceived.

All Muslims in the world are linked together by the Ideology of Mohammed whose views and teachings are enshrined in the Koran. Every Muslim holds him as the divine messenger of God, as his/her own role model. Fundamentally, the followers of Mohammed believe in wiping out the “non Believers” and capturing the world.

Marrying two, three or four females at a time is a violation of women’s dignity and equality. The dream of having virgins in paradise after death leads to the burning desire to groom young girls on earth. Threat of assassination intimidates those who wish to renounce Islam. Converting non Muslim brides to Islam destroys their souls and families. Minorities in all Islamic countries fear for their lives and daughters.

Muslims speak with two tongues. One was spoken by British born Jehadi John about to behead a Christian and the other is spoken by their spokespersons in front of the media in the United Kingdom. Over there the intolerant Muslim is truly a savage like those in the 7th century. Over here he is at pains to look secular and tolerant.

Their deeds, too, are totally different. Over there they destroy churches and the ancient historic heritage of mankind, blast the Buddha statues, abduct girls and women to rape and sell them, and kill small children in schools as in Peshawar and Beslan. Over here, in European Union, Australia and the USA, they become charity workers, human rights champions, collect donations and send volunteers to Syria and Irak to do humanitarian work- apparently!

For “character reference” on Islam and its future potential to destroy the Western (Christian) civilisation there is none better than the “Partitioned Indian Secular State”!

When they saw the opportunity in 1947 they suddenly united to break up their own land of birth without losing a second, slaughtered over two million non Muslim fellow citizens within weeks and drove out tens of millions from homes. Those who stayed back in (“bleeding” broken) India hope to use their secret weapon called “DEMOGRAPHY” once again to re-create the Islamic State.

As a result the “Secular vs. Muslim” ratio in India is fast changing in favour of Mohammed. It is only a matter of time when they are in a position to strike again and add another Islamic Republic to the existing tally of 50.

In case of India we see the one billion strong Hindu nation doing exactly what the Christians are doing at this end- treating the Muslims by secular civil code instead of their own Sharia Law. Ensnared and immobilised by their suicidal “political correctness” the Hindus, though in majority, are rapidly losing the strategic battle for survival.

Among the Muslim States like Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia the regard for Geneva Convention and the Human Rights is quite different from the blind obedience we show in the European Union.

We ignore the fact that when American Constitution and Britain’s Magna Carta were written, there was not one Muslim around, to be catered for. Therefore, those civilised constitutions and liberal documents were written by, and for, the Christians only. Had Muslims been around in significant numbers, the wording in those documents would have been very different. For example, there would have been articles banning marrying four women, stoning females to death, chopping off hands and feet, destroying places of worship of non Muslims, abducting, raping and selling females, murdering the “non believers”, and so on.

Therefore, it is crafty of the Muslims to quote Secular Constitutions and European laws, including the human rights laws, when threatened with deportation. At the same time it is very naïve (or foolish) of us to deal with them according to our own laws that they treat with contempt, and hate to obey! Placards carried by Muslim demonstrators often say, “To Hell with Democracy!” and “To Hell with Secularism!”, but “Up With Sharia Law!” and “Islam Will Rule The World!”

At the time of writing (May 2015) a silent invasion of Europe is taking place with devastating ramifications and consequences. Tens of thousands of migrants are leaving the shores of North Africa and Turkey to come to Europe. The wise brains of European Union are looking at this shifting of mass of Muslims only as a humanitarian problem, overlooking the future (ideological, political, cultural and social) implications of the Islamic “time bomb” in the belly of Europe.

In a conflict between the savage and the civilised the former win. The only exception was World War 2 when the whole world joined hands to defeat the NAZIS. If the western civilised democracies do not unite now in the same manner in order to repulse the Islamic onslaught, we are all doomed.

That is what happened in Iran in 7th century where Zoroastrian Faith was wiped out, in Afghanistan where the Buddhists were exterminated, and in India in 1947 when Islam replaced Secularism overnight in five provinces (nearly half the size of Western Europe).

Is it now Europe’s turn? Muslims have arrived, and increasing rapidly. The hot iron has dropped on soft butter!

Despite knowing what lies in the future for us the Christians, Jews and Hindus will not unite, nor will the governments lift their finger to raise awareness of their subjects about the existential threat from Islam while the highly motivated and indoctrinated Muslims can unite in a second when the opportunity comes, and go for the “kill”.

All the non Muslim immigrants in this country have come from Secular backgrounds except the Muslims. Thus the latter not only bring Jehadi zeal with them but also strengthen their Faith while on Hajj pilgrimage or visiting families back home. They return with a burning desire to recreate a similar Islamic society in the west, too.

The streak of separatism, fundamentalism, intolerance and violence is at the core of the Islamic belief. It comes from the words and deeds of “Prophet” Mohammed himself and the Sharia Law that is totally opposite of the UN (and European) Charter of Human Rights. Under the latter even murderers and rapists and those inciting rebellion or the grooms of “sham” marriages cannot be locked up or deported.

Islam is different when we notice how they abduct and sell girls (Nigeria), massacre the Christians and Yazidis (Irak), assassinate Hindu bloggers (Bangladesh), kill school children (in Peshawar and Beslan), murder unarmed British soldiers like Drummer Lee Rigby (London), behead unarmed journalists and aid workers like Daniel Pearl (Karachi), Peter Kassig, Alan Henning (Irak), set fire to airport (Glasgow), explode bombs on bus and Underground trains (London), and even break up countries (India).

In view of the above the European Union should REFUSE to take on any more migrants, especially MUSLIMS, if we wish to preserve our peace and “way of life”. Instead, in conjunction with EU, we should either turn the boats back like Malaysia and Indonesia (two Muslim countries), or divert the flood of refugees to Muslim countries like Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan where they can live happily with fellow Muslims.

The current flood will soon become a deluge since there is no birth control or family planning among the Muslims and their birth rate is alarming.

Our soft Christian approach to the new “invasion” of Europe by Muslim migrants is like Mahatma Gandhi going out to confront Hitler through his “non violence” and peaceful “Satyagraha”.

Finally, it is so easy to let them in for “vote bank” purposes, appeasement or goodwill, but what would one do if the Muslims go on increasing in numbers at the present rate and then threaten political take over?

Are we unwittingly heading towards the fate of India (partition) or the Yazidis (extermination)? We are already seeing the ominous signs of what is coming in the future.