Date: 12/04/2013

Thank you for your esteemed comment. (SEE BELOW)

The real situation on ground is far worse than the mere wail on paper only.
The remedy is simple but in the prevailing climate of INTIMIDATION even that is not possible. But we have to begin!

The first thing is to believe ourselves that behind "Mera Bharat Mahaan" there is a different hidden reality of poverty, corruption and slums in towns, and illiteracy in villages and the callous officials, especially the dishonest and partial judges and the dishonest and lazy police.

After that we need COMMUNICATION for which computers are a great tool.

Since in a democracy EDUCATION is a great weapon, we need to improve the standard of schools and of the teachers. During elections the dishonest politicians must be punished by denying them votes.

Bribery should be declared a national curse and avoided.

We must speak up against DYNASTIC democracy. Hence Rahul Gandhi should not get a single vote. After all, he is one of the Gandhi tribe who will pursue the same HINDU BASHING policy of his mother and father.

Encouraging Hindu oriented POLITICAL parties and their LEADERS to shed their cowardice and speak up for a NEW Constitution and for the RETURN OF HINDU REFUGEES to Srinagar with guarantees of safety.

Campaign for repeal of Article 370 in Constitution and denying of voting rights to MUSLIMS so long as Pakistan exists.

Prefer to use the word "Hindu" instead of "secular".
Educate girls on the dangers of marrying a Muslim. She will lose her own and her children's Hindu religion but contribute to the ENEMY side.

Finally, the best weapon will be following Guru Gobind Singhji's Spirit and Philosophy. He was a saint soldier and produced warriors whereas MK Gandhi who insisted on non violence only, ended up with break up of his Akhand Bharat and a bullet through his heart.


I hope you will know some more ideas that you can share with us.


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I have been receiving your mails for some time. Though I appreciate your sentiments about the pathetic plight of Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh (which used to be Hindu lands) and also in truncated India, mere wailing and self-flagellation are not going to achieve anything concrete.

I shall be grateful to have your valuable suggestions as to how the dismal situation can be redeemed; and what role persons like you can play to bring about the desired change.