Date: 19/05/2015

Re: PM Modi's South Korea Visit in News

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Dear Shri Modi
I congratulate you for this INITIATIVE of "prime minister to citizen" direst contact. By this you are winning hearts and minds of people. Also we appreciate that this e-mail is not one-way with "NO reply" restriction. It only shows your own courage and also conviction in democracy. Congratulations.

With regard to South Korea what Bharat can learn is the SCHOOL DISCIPLINE and QUALITY of EDUCATION. No wonder that this small country is producing smart phones, cars, ships and even aircraft and is so advanced technically.

Three years ago I visited one school in South Korea and was very impressed by a sentence spoken by the head teacher who was speaking about his school. The sentence he said was, "From this school we send out world leaders!"

I was struck by this sentence and was most impressed. This sentence showed the quality of education and also the diligence of the staff to give their best and to expect the best from their students.

At that time I wondered when schools and staff in Bharat will achieve that standard and show similar attitude. In South Korea the teachers are well paid and respected.

I also had the opportunity to work and live in Germany for many years. I went there after they had achieved the economic miracle called "Wirtschaftswunder" after the devastation suffered during World War 2.

What impressed me there were the salaries of teachers. Teachers in Germany are comparatively so well paid that I had to enquire the reason for it.

I was told that when the teachers were poorly paid, they were so dependent on the rulers that they followed every whim and fancy of the superior political authority. Then the whole nation could be easily brainwashed by the NAZI Party and we saw the result. But now with highly paid teachers the standard of education has gone up so much that there is no interference from the State. Hence German citizens can think with their own heads and are encouraged to show initiatives and succeed in whatever they wish to do.

Could Bharat improve her EDUCATION so much that no student may need to go abroad for studies?

Nehru, Indira, and Rajiv all studied abroad since the quality of education in Bharat under Congress rule was totally rotten. Now we are optimistic that it will be the best in the world as it used to be before the Muslim invaders ruined everything, not only temples!

PS: I wish to end with a request. Kindly allow the NRI's who were born in Bharat (India) visa free travel to our Motherland. Thanks.

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