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Flip Side of MK Gandhi

Truth Is Bitter (The Flip Side)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is Gandhi who let the Hindus down after all the effort put by Hindus to gain Independence.

That is why I say expose the Traitor the so called Mahatma Gandhi, pay no homage to him, anymore. He is the root cause of all the trouble India is facing to day.

For all I know he may be an ardent Muslim under the guise of Hindu Artair.

Flip Side of MK Gandhi he was a traitor to India he loved the Muslims and supported the creation of Pakistan

Reasons for killing Mahatma Gandhi:

During the trial, Justice Gopal Das Khosla had allowed Sri Nathuram Godse, the killer of Gandhi, to read his own confession in the court.

However the Indian government had banned the confession of Sri Nathuram Ji (Newsmen's jottings were snatched & destroyed by the Police, court room coverage written, out of the memory of journalists was also not allowed to be published in Newspapers by Nehru who calls himself as a democrat)

Nathuram's brother Manya Gopal Godse fought a 60 years legal battle after which the Supreme Court removed the ban.

Sri Gopal Vinayak Godse

Nathuram had given 150 reasons for killing Gandhi; some of which are as follows:

1. In 1919 people of India wanted General Dyer to be tried for the Massacre of innocent people at Jalianwalla Baugh .

Gandhi refused to support this demand.

2. Whole of India wanted Gandhi to intervene and save Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev from the Gallows.

Gandhi stubbornly refused on the grounds that they were misguided freedom fighters, and theirs was an act of violence.

3. On 6th May 1946 on public platform, Gandhi asked Hindus to sacrifice and not fight the members of Muslim league.

In Kerala, Muslim league members killed over 1500 Hindus and converted 2000 to Islam. Instead of protesting Gandhi expressed that it was a brave act of Allah's followers.

4. On several occasions Gandhi called Shivaji, Maha Rana pratap and Guru Govind Singh as misguided nationalists.

5. Gandhi advised Raja Harisingh of Kashmir to abdicate as Kashmir had Muslim majority and settle down in Kashi.

Raja Harisingh

On the other hand he supported the Nizam (Osman Ali Khan) of Hyderabad to join Pakistan, even though the state of Hyderabad (Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Berar) had Hindu majority.

Nizam Osman Ali Khan

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, however, over ruled Gandhi. When Nehru heard of Patel's police action in Hyderabad (operation POLO) he disconnected his telephone with Patel.

Nizam surrendering to Patel

6. In 1931 the Congress committee on designing of Indian flag suggested that the flag be only in saffron. Gandhi insisted changed it to a tri-colour flag.

7. During the Tripura congress, Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as president with majority. However, Gandhi supported Dr Pattabhai Sitaramayya, forcing Bose to resign.

8. On 15th June 1947 during Congress conclave, it was decided to resist the partition of India but Gandhi went to the meeting at the last minute and supported the partition.

Infact it was Gandhi who had declared earlier that partition will take place only over my dead body!

Patel and Nehru

9. Sardar Patel was elected by majority as the first Prime Minister but Gandhi insisted on Nehru.

10. Nehru government had decided to reconstruct Somnath Mandir at its cost but Gandhi without even being a member of the ministry forced the Govt. to reject this proposal.

At the same time, on 13th January 1948, Gandhi went on a fast to allow Muslims to repair the mosque in Delhi at govt's cost.

11. When Hindu refugees came to India after partition, some of them took shelter in some mosques temporarily. When Muslims objected, Gandhi forced all such Hindu children,

ladies and the old to leave the mosque and live on the streets.

12. In October 1947, Pakistan attacked Kashmir. Gandhi went on a fast and forced the Indian Govt to pay Pakistan a compensation of Rs.55 crore.

Gandhi did not mind hurting Hindu feelings to win over the 'Indian' Muslims.

Sri Nathuram Ji Godse and Mananiya Narayan Ji Apte were hanged on 15th November 1949 in the Ambala Jail in Punjab.


Let us search our hearts and minds, if he was indeed a Mahatma.
His actions were no less than a Hindu-Virodhi, Desh Drohi and behaviour was no less than like a Duratma.


नमस्ते और धन्यवाद शेर जी!

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Flip Side of MK Gandhi


Monday, February 23, 2015

M.K.Gandhi's walks putting hands on shoulders of two girls and sleeping with naked young girls is well known and it was objected by many at Sabarmati Ashram but he could get away because he was Langotiwala Gandhi .

Stop calling him Mahatma. He was Rangila Bapu. This is a shame on India to call him Father of the nation.

I hope the days are not too far when Rajghat will be up rooted when the truth is out in the open to the young generation.

India must denounce Gandhi and Gandhism to deal with the problems of 21st. century

Assassination of Gandhi-The Facts Behind

By Chunibhai Vaidya

The killer of Gandhiji and his apologists sought to justify the assassination on the following arguments:

1. Gandhiji supported the idea of a separate state for Muslims. In a sense he was responsible for the creation of Pakistan.

2. In spite of the Pakistani aggression in Kashmir, Gandhiji fasted to compel the government of India to release an amount of Rs. 55 crores due to Pakistan.

3. The belligerence of Muslims was a result of Gandhiji's policy of appeasement.

The proposal for partition of the country and violent reaction against it generated tensions which ultimately resulted in sectarian killings on a scale unprecedented in human history. For the ethnic Muslims, Gandhiji was a Hindu leader who opposed creation of Pakistan on sectarian grounds. Godse was a child of this extremist thinking.

Katju does it again, says Mahatma Gandhi was a British agent

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Katju does it again, says Mahatma Gandhi was a British agent New Delhi, March 10, 2015 | UPDATED 11:37 IST

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Press Council chairman Justice Markandey KatjuPress Council chairman Justice Markandey Katju on Tuesday stirred another controversy by calling Mahatma Gandhi a British agent in his latest blog post.

"I submit that Gandhi was objectively a British agent who did great harm to India," he wrote.

Katju said Gandhi did great harm to India by injecting religion into politics.

"By constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, Gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule," Katju said in his blog.

"He advocated self sufficient village communities, though everybody knows that these communities were totally casteist and in the grip of landlords and money lenders. Gandhi was against industrialization, and preached handspinning by charkha and other such reactionary nonsense. Similarly, his ' trusteeship ' theory was all nonsense, and an act of deceiving the people," he added.

Here is the full text:

Gandhi---A British Agent

This post is bound to draw a lot of flak at me, but that does not matter as I am not a popularity seeker I have often said things knowing that initially that will make me very unpopular, and I will be vilified and denounced by many. Nevertheless I say such things as I believe they must be said in my country's interest.

I submit that Gandhi was objectively a British agent who did great harm to India.

These are my reasons for saying this:

1. India has tremendous diversity, so many religions, castes, races, languages, etc (see my article ' What is India ?' on my blog Realizing this the British policy was of divide and rule (see online ' History in the Service of Imperialism ', which is a speech delivered by Prof. B.N. Pande in the Rajya Sabha).

By constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, Gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule.

If we read Gandhi's public speeches and writings (e.g. in his newspapers 'Young India', ' Harijan ', etc) we find that ever since Gandhi came to India from South Africa in 1915 or so till his death in 1948, in almost every speech or article he would emphasize Hindu religious ideas e.g. Ramrajya, Go Raksha (cow protection), brahmacharya (celibacy), varnashram dharma (caste system), etc (see Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi).

Thus Gandhi wrote in ' Young India ' on 10.6.1921 " I am a Sanatani Hindu. I believe in the varnashram dharma. I believe in protection of the cow ". In his public meetings the Hindu bhajan ' Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram ' would be loudly sung.

Now Indians are a religious people, and they were even more religious in the first half of the 20th century. A sadhu or swamiji may preach such ideas to his followers in his ashram, but when they are preached day in and day out by a political leader, what effect will these speeches and writings have on an orthodox Muslim mind ? It would surely drive him towards a Muslim organization like the Muslim League, and so it did. Was this not serving the British policy of divide and rule ? By constantly injecting religion into politics for several decades, was Gandhi not objectively acting as a British agent ?

2. In India a revolutionary movement against British rule had started in the early 20th century under the Anushilan Samiti, Jugantar, and revolutionaries like Surya Sen, Ramprasad Bismil ( who wrote the song ' Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai ), Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, etc ( who were all hanged by the British ). Gandhi successfully diverted the freedom struggle from this revolutionary direction to a harmless nonsensical channel called Satyagrah. This also served British interests.

3. Gandhi's economic ideas were thoroughly reactionary. He advocated self sufficient village communities, though everybody knows that these communities were totally casteist and in the grip of landlords and money lenders..Gandhi was against industrialization, and preached handspinning by charkha and other such reactionary nonsense. Similarly, his ' trusteeship ' theory was all nonsense, and an act of deceiving the people

Some people praise Gandhi's bravery in going to Noakhali, etc to douse the communal violence at the time of Partition. But the question is why did he help setting the house on fire in the first place by preaching religious ideas in public political meetings for several decades, which were bound to divide the Indian people on religious lines? First you set the house on fire, and then you do the drama of trying to douse the flames.

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On Fri, May 8, 2015, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> wrote:

Certain actions(inactions) of Gandhi cannot be ignored. He was in a commanding position to arrest the Hindu cowardice, helplessness and indifference. People enormously trusted him.
He used Ram Krishan names to enhance Hindu predicaments.

Think about his attitude towards:-
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel.
Volta face of Alaama Iqbaaal.
"Special Honours" of Disgust bestowed on him by Ali Brothers.
His induldging in Khilafat Movement.
His selectivly singing Ram Dhun only and exclusively at Hindu places. He dared not sing it in any Dargah or Mosque.
What was his attitude towards Shahid-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh?
His open support for the assassinator odf Swamy Shardhanand.
Compare and contrast his attitude towards the Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan and Muslims, who intended to go to Pakistan.

Partition will happen on my deadbody, this is what he declared.
At a slightest cause(particularly in Muslim interests) he threatened fast unto death.
Maun Vrata etc., but when partition did happen, did he declare a few minute's fastor Vrata?

१. उन्होंने खिलाफत आंदोलन मुसलमानो का साथ दिया।

२. मुसलमानो को भारत में रोका।

३. पाकिस्तान को करोड़ों रूपये दिला दिये।

४) वे कामी थे - दो बच्चियों के सहारे चलते थे। (अगर उनके मन मे काम होता तो क्या वे सार्वजनिक रूप से इसे करते?)

नए युग की सूत्रपात में लिखा है -

१) गौरक्षा के लिये गांधी जी ने खिलाफत आंदोलन में मुसलमानो का साथ दिया। उनसे पूछा गया सशर्त समर्थन क्यों नहीं दिया? कहा मैं सौदेबाजी नहीं करता, किन्तु एक दिन अवश्य आयेगा जब मेरे इस कदम को मुसलमान समझेंगे और गौरक्षा करेंगे.

केवल राजनैतिक आजादी मिली है, नैतिक, सामाजिक, और आर्थिक आजादी पाना बाकी है।


२०वीं सदी के मीरजाफर पाकपिता - राष्ट्रहंता बैरिस्टर मोहनदास करमचन्द गांधी की कमजोरी औरत थी. आतंक की साया में जीता था. जैसा कि आज हो रहा है, सारे संत और जज यौन अपराध में जेल जाने से आतंकित हैं. आशाराम बापू और नित्यानंद की फर्जी सीडी की भांति ब्रह्मचर्य के प्रयोग में मनु, आभा, नायडू ... सूची लम्बी है – गांधी भी जेल जा सकता था. नहीं गया तो मात्र इसलिए कि गांधी वही करता था, जो अँगरेज़ चाहते थे. फिर भी आप सभी नारियों के बलात्कारी जेहोवा और अल्लाह को अपराधी कहते ही जेल चले जायेंगे.

ए कौन हैं जिन्हें गांधी ने इंडिया में रोका? उनका लक्ष्य और उनकी उपलब्धियां क्या हैं? उनको पन्थनिरपेक्ष यानी सेकुलर, सर्वधर्मसमभाववादी व गंगा जमुनी संस्कृति का अंग मानने का आधार क्या है?


इंडिया और पाकिस्तान की भांति विश्व के ५३ ईसाई व मुसलमान देश आज भी एलिजाबेथ के दास हैं| इंडिया को समाप्त करने के बाद भी मुसलमान व ईसाई एलिजाबेथ के दास ही रहेंगे| वस्तुतः इंडिया को मिटा कर मुसलमान अपना ही अहित करेंगे| उनका हज अनुदान, मुअज्जिनों, इमामों व मौलवियों का वेतन बंद हो जायेगा| उनका वक्फ बोर्ड, अल्पसंख्यक आयोग और मुस्लिम निजी कानून भी बेमानी हो जायेगा| उनको फिरभी एलिजाबेथ के उपनिवेश से मुक्ति नहीं मिलेगी| न अल्लाह मिलेगा और न विशाले सनम| बेचारे मूर्ख मुसलमान (कुरान २:३५).


On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 4:28 PM, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> wrote:

There is no doubt Gandhi was a Brit Scrooge otherwise why on earth Brit is going to ERECT a statue of him outside the parliament, the only foreigner ever got that. I have lived in the UK for 37 years, I know it damn well the Brits better than the most, that, how devious, manipulative, divisive, treacherous and cruel Brits can be when it comes to their own and national interests. Behind almost every single crisis and creation of Islamic states STARTING FROM WAHABBI IN SAUDI IN 1932 TO CREATION OF PAKI IN 1947 and ISLAMIC terrorist groups; USA and Brits have blood in their hands. AND THEY ARE STILL DOING IT EVEN TODAY. If politically and foreign policy wise there are two most rogue nations on the planet then they are US and UK. Pakistan will be dead in seven days without them and the Brits still play the divisive Hindus and muzzers politics in UK. SADLY PEOPLE DON'T READ THE PROPER HISTORY OR COWARDS TO SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH.


Gandhi was also a filthy pedophile and got away with it with Brit protection. Now tell me how on earth Mr. U-turn alias Modi puts a massive statue of Gandhi in his PM's room; the only PM ever to do that and every single day he praises Gandhi anywhere and everywhere. WHY? Because this Gujju also has a deceitful side in his character and he is not as nationalist and patriotic as he tries to project. Look how he betrayed the nation on Netaji's files.

Modi keeps Gandhi’s statue in his office

Gandhi was a Brit scrooge from day one. Why on earth he would take a stand against the most modern Muslim Ataturk's reforms in Turkey? What business Gandhi had with Turkey? It was an American-Brit ploy not to modernise the Muslim world. During the WW2 in between 1939-45 Gandhi travelled thousands of cities, towns and villages in Bharat urging the Indians to join the Brit Army and helped Brits to recruit two and half millions Indian soldiers. And this simple truth coolies in India don't see and they call the the biggest traitor in the history Gandhi, a Mahatma and father of the nation.

Are Brits such fools, that, the only foreigner's statue within the Brit parliament complex ever erected is of Gandhi? Now this Gandhi is Modi's role model and his statue is there in Modi's PM office.

Now you tell me if Bharat is not a coolie colony under Modi then which country is? Modi is failing and will fail because of this falsification of his character he is giving to the country just like Congis.
The termites orbiting around Modi used Modi to show Mr. Gandhi as Modi’s official hero and by extension the hero of the “Hindu Nationalist Party”; and in typical Gandhian style even as Modi was sweeping the streets clean with his Swach Bhaarat broom and singing hallelujahs to Swami Vivekanand, the termites were doing real politics behind the scenes. While Narendra Modi was playing Gandhi the social reformer and Vivekananda Bhakta, the coterie was doing the real politics behind the scenes


On 10 May 2015, J. G. Arora
1. Though ‘Gandhi-ism’ means appeasement, self-negation, unilateral magnanimity, utter surrender and pathway to slavery, after the massive victory in 2014’s parliamentary elections, BJP and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi have become totally Gandhian and pseudo-secular; and have continued Congress party’s pseudo-secular and destructive policies; and have forgotten nationalist issues like ‘Justice for all and appeasement of none’, uniform civil code, abolition of Article 370, provision of Haj subsidy though none of 57 Islamic countries gives any such subsidy, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir, and crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators grabbing India.

2. In Jammu & Kashmir, BJP has joined a self-destructive coalition government with PDP after sacrificing its stand for abrogation of Article 370. And Article 370 was responsible for genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir.

3. Real secularism means one nation; one law; no majority, no minority; and same rights and duties for all citizens; and not the kind of pseudo-secularism Congress party has been practising; and BJP has been copying from Congress.

4. BJP and Narendra Modi have forgotten who had voted for them and why. They should remember that to have power just for the sake of power and self-glorification is self-destructive; and brings no change in the dismal situation.

5. ‘Congress-free India’ means liberation from Congress policies; and not the continuation of Congress policies.

6. Most of those who worked relentlessly for BJP’s historic electoral victory in 2014 are feeling demoralized and cheated.

7. In the present dismal situation, the only solution is that BJP government should be led by staunch nationalists who will implement nationalist agenda; and not by Mahatma Gandhi devotees who are just implementing Congress party’s fake-secular agenda.

Replace Mahatma Gandhi with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adoration of Mahatma Gandhi is misplaced since many of the problems facing the nation today are due to Mahatma Gandhi’s actions; and also due to Gandhian policies followed by successive Indian governments since 1947.

9. Mahatma Gandhi has been foisted as the national role model; and Gandhi-ism has guided all Indian governments since 1947, and it has resulted in countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators grabbing India; genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir; government control over Hindu temples whereas no mosque or church is covered by such control; special rights to Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370; special benefits being conferred upon non-Hindus by Central and many state governments; and provision of Haj subsidy though none of 57 Islamic countries gives any such subsidy.

10. India has become a faceless and vulnerable entity because of Gandhi-ism and its consequence ‘fake secularism’.

11. To ensure Bharat’s survival as a nation, and to ensure that no more Pakistans and Bangladeshs are planted in truncated Bharat, Bharat must have warriors like Maharana Pratap Singh and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who valiantly fought for their Matru Bhumi (motherland) and their Punya Bhumi (holy land) as its role-models and national icons instead of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru who in 1947 meekly surrendered vital parts of Bharat’s territory as Pakistan (present day Pakistan and Bangladesh) as per Muslim League’s demand for the creation of Pakistan for Muslims.



Sunday, May 10, 2015




Gandhi was quite happy to sacrifice the Hindus trapped in the savage ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan. He not only went along with that bogus partition, carried out WITHOUT REFERENDUM or A SINGLE CONDITION but acted dishonestly and disgracefully when he assured the Hindus and Sikhs NOT TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES but stay put. He assured them, "My Muslim brothers will not even touch you or your daughters. You will safely and happily in Pakistan as now in Hindusthan." But when the large scale massacres, abduction, rape and arson and loot started Gandhi went quiet. NOT A WORD CONDEMNATION OR WARNING TO PAKISTAN. He seemed more concerned with remitting Rs. 55 CRORE to the enemy than safety of Hindus.

Tens of millions of distraught and destitute Hindus, emigrating to Bharat facing extreme dangers en route were abusing Gandhi and at that very time of extreme misery and mourning thousands of young Hindus wanted to ASSASSINATE MK Gandhi. Ultimately that HONOUR fell to Shri Nathu Ram Godse. People showered praises on the brave young man though traitor Nehru, another agent of Britain at the time mourned the death of Gandhi- not for the man but fearing his own fate, too, at the hands of a patriot in that tumultuous time.