Date: 04/06/2015

Thanks for your e-mail with extremely valuable content. It needs to be passed on.

In Bharat we have the following people:

1. THE NATIVES, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and so on. They are tolerant and do not believe in violence or segregation.

2. THE FORMER REFUGEES like the Jews and the Parsis. They were persecuted in their own countries and came to Bharat / Hindusthan for safety. There were well received and welcome. They have proved to be loyal to the locals and our "Dharti".

3, The Mohammedan "BAST*RDS", who came on Day One with sword and Koran and showed their true civilisation and culture by destroying temples, killing the Kafirs (natives) and abducting and raping our girls and women. In the end, and after having jolly 'good time' for over thousand years, they showed their ultimate TREACHERY by demanding the mutilation of India to take out an exclusive ISLAMIC country called Pakistan. What they did to the non Muslims there 68 years ago can be seen even today from their treatment of the YAZIDIS and the Christians in Irak (ISIL), and actions in Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Irak and BogusDesh. When in power in Bharat they did not spare even the old, the young and the infants but put them all to sword. To OUR bad luck they do not even respect their own Prophet Mohammed, who said, "The rape of an innocent girl by any one of my followers is like the rape of my own daughter or mother." But tell this to the ISIL, the Boko Harami in Nigeria, the Taliban, and the Bangladeshi infiltrators in WEST Bengal who are playing "Hell" with our temples and daughters!

4. Christians: They, too, came as conquerors with 'armies of missionaries', showing utter contempt for the natives. One BILLION Hindus in Bharat are too scared to suggest to Sonia Maino of UNKNOWN pedigree from Italy to embrace either Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist religion to be like the rest of us. But we KNOW what she will do! So, none of us wants her spit in face. When in power they scheme to rob the country, impoverish and CONVERT the natives and even insult our religion by comparing it to devil worship! For any mud slinging on Narendra Modi they will be quick to join the Mohammedans and again do to the natives and Bharat even WORSE of what they did in 1947.

Now that we know WHO IS WHO in Bharat, let us do everything possible to UNITE THE HINDUS for strength (SHAKTI) and give them AWARENESS of history & sense of IDENTITY, in order to face our future tomorrow.

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