Date: 04/06/2015

Subject: Art 370 dropped even before alliance with pdp

Article 370 was dropped even before formation of alliance
Yet another BJP U-turn
Early Times Report

JAMMU, June 1: The BJP is becoming an object of ridicule with each passing day. It itself is responsible for its widespread criticism, unpopularity and loss of face and loss of people's faith. It doesn't know its goal. It is utterly confused. It has no ideology worth its name. Its ideology is only power. It compromises its ideology in a most brazen manner. Its slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai is a mere slogan. It is not committed to it. Actually, it daily insults Bharat Mata. The Prime Minister had not raised the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai when he addressed his maiden election rally in Srinagar during the assembly elections. This he did for the first time after February 2013. He also happens to be the first Prime Minister who forced an army commander in Kashmir to tender an apology for the incident in which a couple of undesirable Kashmiri youth and he himself acknowledged it. These are the views of the general public in Jammu.

The "cheated" people of Jammu have a number of times used very strong words against the BJP and said: "The stand of the BJP on beef eating is dubious. Its stand on Ram temple is dubious. Its stand on uniform civil code is dubious. Its stand on Jammu & Kashmir is sinister. It is the most unscrupulous party in the country always more than willing to damage the majority community and undermine India, Indian sovereignty, Indian culture, Indian ethos and what ever Bharat stands for and known for. There is not a single issue on which it has clarity and it doesn't have the will and the capacity to work on any of the issues it rakes up".
It is clear that today the BJP stands thoroughly exposed in the eyes of the fellow Indians and that it has miserably failed to defend itself and its so-called ideology. All of its spokespersons are beating about the bush these days during TV debates and causing more harm to the sangh parivar than helping them counter the opposition's blistering attacks.

Only on Sunday, the BJP did yet another U-turn on the issue of Article 370. MoS in the PMO Jitendra Singh was fielded by the RSS-BJP combine to tell the countrymen that they had not abandoned Article 370 and they still stood for the abrogation of Article 370. In an interview to PTI, Jitendra Singh explained away the sangh parivar's stand on Article 370. "The party has not given up its stand on any of the ideological issues, including abrogation of Article 370. But as they say in English, we have agreed to disagree on certain issues and at the same time agreed to agree. So, instead of raising contentious issues in a coalition, which is not in keeping with the coalition dharma, we have chosen to concentrate on dedicating ourselves to the development agenda which is the Common Minimum Programme CMP)," he said. This had also been the stand of BJP national president Amit Shah, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav and all those who matter in the BJP and the RSS.

Jitendra Singh didn't know what he said. And what he said was nothing but a "tale of travesty". He said the sangh parivar kept aside contentious issues in keeping with the coalition dharma. But he conveniently forgot to tell the PTI that the BJP had discarded Article 370 much before the formation of the PDP-BJP alliance.

It was on November 27, 2014 that the BJP released its Vision Document for Jammu & Kashmir. This Vision Document didn't contain any reference to Article 370. BJP parbhari Avinash Rai Khanna had then evaded volley of questions on Article 370 and only said that the "party's stand on it is known". The BJP formed coalition with the PDP in the last week of February 2015 and the coalition assumed power on March 1, almost four months after it released the Vision Document. Should it be taken to mean that the BJP was already in touch with the PDP believing that it would not achieve its Mission 44+? How could Jitendra Singh say what he said on the circumstances which, according to him, compelled the BJP to keep Article 370 on the backburner? And what did he mean by contentious issues? These are issues of national importance and such issues cannot be termed contentious.

The BJP, it seems, had been hobnobbing with the PDP much before and it kept aside Article 370 to cultivate the PDP only for the sake of power. The truth is that the BJP and the RSS had made up their mind to abandon Article 370 and sell out Jammu and Ladakh and barter national interest much before the election process in Jammu & Kashmir started. And this can be easily proved because the BJP had shelved the already prepared and printed election manifesto, which did contain, according to some very credible source within the party, "a detailed reference to Article 370".

Indeed, the sangh parivar committed yet another blunder by speaking a white lie in its desperate bid to win over its estranged constituency. It's a different story that the perverted attempt only boomeranged.