Date: 05/06/2015

Ref. commenet below. How India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi be held responsible for human rights situation of Minorities in bangladesh
The PM of India is directly responsible for the minorities in BD for two reasons:

1. Bangladesh is still morally, legally and constitutionally part of Bharat. It was detached from mainland due to high treason by Jinnah and Nehru, both citizens of India at the time. One was an AGGRESSIR, a BULLY, the other a compliant stooge, downright TRAITOR, ashamed of being a Hindu.

Since there was NO referendum or even a condition for its (unconditional) surrender, that Partition was ILLEGAL, UNDEMOCRATIC AND IMMORAL- in other words plain BETRAYAL of the people of East Bengal. (Prime Minister Maimoona Begum returned OUR OWN territory back to the "Mohammed of Desert" once again without securing any guarantee from Shaikh Mujiburrahman in 1971, pursuing the "Hindu-crushing" ideology of her father Jawaharlal Nehru!)

Bangladesh can officially be recognized as a separate sovereign State only when Partition is re-negoniated and REGULARISED without the British presence on top. At that time it was like two Cats looking towards the Monkey to give them bigger bits of bread. ("Bread" was our Akhand Bharat, the two "Cats" were Nehru and Jinnah, and the all-powerful "Monkey" was Mountbatten.

We Indians (Hindus) need to grow up to international stature in order to acknowledge "Partition" as the uncalled for (malicious) ATTACK on the integrity of Akhand Bharat that still needs, requires, even demands, a RESPONSE / RETALIATION.

2. The second factor for our concern is the HINDU minority in Bangladesh. If they are being persecuted then either the UNO should prevent their genocide or the super power America. Failing both the MORAL responsibility for their well-being and safety, as well as that of the betrayed Hindus in Sindh and South Kashmir falls squarely on Bharat. The most distressing fact is that the persecuted Hindus in that "Kafir Killer" Islamic society can look up to only two higher powers- GOD & HINDUSTHAN. What is shame, what a disgrace if BOTH are silent or dead for the Minorities mourning their dead and the helpless girls weeping and crying while being raped by the followers of Mohammed (perhaps following his example!).

It is most unfortunate that Bharat still has the genes of COWARDICE due to which our nation with Hindu MAJORITY not only accepted that BOGUS Partition (unconditional surrender before a vicious violent minority) but also instantly washed our hands off those betrayed and "dumped" Hindus who found themselves on the WRONG side of the border without any say in their fate and destiny.

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How India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi be held responsible for human rights situation of Minorities in bangladesh and why such provocative language is required.