Date: 06/06/2015

NB: Article 370 in India's Constitution (by traitor JL Nehru) confers SPECIAL status on the State of Jammu & Kashmir that makes the OTHER States seem "niggers". Under pressure by MUSLIM lobby and CLOUT the Government of India has been PARALYSED and dare not repeal the act, or extend its provisions to ALL the States in the country.

Govt; does not need 3/4 majority in Lok or Raj Saba at all to revoke article 370.These politicians are lying and making fool of the people.At the recommendation of the union Govt the President of India can issue an order of revocation of article 370 as it was a temporary feature and became effective on 17th,Nov 1952.And if some of us do not know this day is official "republic day of the state of J& K.It was father of Indian constitution Dr Ambadekar who saw no merit in article 370 and refused to be part of this article and finally Shekih Abdullah and Gopalaswamy Iyenger came up with this document and Nehru accepted to create this temporary provision.

Please go to the official web-site of PDP and read its vision document on SELF RULE for J&K and our BJP is equal partner in the Govt: now.

PDP says it is a way of "Sharing sovereignty" which encompasses the state,the economy and is based on trans-border concept with pan-Kashmir dimension.Institution of "Regional council of Greater J&K and its members will be from Pakistan Kashmir also and self rule gives them 20 seats.

Under self rule "Preferential trade agreement" will be in place and the TWO COUNTRIES India and Pakistan would offer tariff reductions for "greater J&K".Self rule will create a new system of DUAL Currency where both Indian & Pakistani currency are made legal tenders.Self rule also says the area needs to be Demilitarised and All India service act [ IAS-IPS ext ]needs to be repealed.

BJP after winning 25 seats from Jammu has surrendered the aspirations of Kashmiri Hindus/West-Pakistani refugees and people of Jammu totally.All these have become contentious issues for BJP when they are national issues.GOD save my state of J&K