Date: 25/06/2015

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Jews came near extinction after six million killed by Nazis and eventually made a home for themselves to live their way of life. Even for this they had to fight for survival in 1948 when all the Arab countries attacked them.

Today Islamic Iran says, "Wipe out Israel." Does anybody say, "WIPE OUT PAKISTAN & BANGLA(BOGUS)DESH, the two poisonous ISLAMIC states created by carving up peaceful India in 1947?"

The Jews have NO enmity with any country and in entire history neither invaded a country nor forcibly or deceptively CONVERTED anyone.

Yet there is a dirty malicious campaign against them that does not look at the destruction by Islam and Christianity of entire continents and entire civilisations but points the finger a the tiny State of Israel that simply wants to be left alone.

India should show solidarity with ISRAEL and be seen together without fear. We can only BENEFIT from this relationship.

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USA could be a terrorist country; why do you call Israel a terrorist ?

Defending one's country can't be considered as terrorism.

Just because Bharat is spineless, do you want Israel also to be gutless and shameless ?

Israel is longing for peace; if only Muslins allow it.