Date: 10/07/2015


On July 7, 2005 four home grown MUSLIM terrorists exploded four bombs at different locations in London. 52 (fifty-two) innocent people travelling by Underground and on one bus were KILLED - to the account of Mohammed of Mecca.

Are they forgotten today?

NO. Ten years on, on 7th July 2015 the entire media in the UK covered that event, publishing INDIVIDUAL details including PHOTOGRAPHS of the victims and where they were going at the moment of death.

Salute to the journalists (none can call them “despicable coolie press”) who carried out painstaking research, dug out the material, the evidence and then published every big and small detail for the whole world to see without fear of embarrassing the enemy.

A special service was held in St Paul’s Cathedral, the equivalent of our WOULD BE grand temple at Ayodhya. Prince Andrew represented the Royal family. All the names of the dead were read out in calm and solemn voice, one by one. At the end the big hall was showered with flower petals from the ceiling above. Truly, a solemn occasion.

There was one minute SILENCE nationwide at the exact time when the first bomb wrecked the train carriage Underground.

At London’s famous Hyde Park Prince William laid a wreath at the Memorial to the victims. 52 shining tall steel columns, each one representing a victim of Islamic hatred & brutality, stand proud as Memorial in the Park. Speaker after speaker paid homage to the victims, condemned ISLAMIC terrorism, and repeated “NEVER AGAIN!”

The commemoration of the dead by public, administration (unlike our lethargic lazy baboos) and Royalty brought the nation close together. People came away feeling as if the victims were closely related to them.

Do we in Hindusthan commemorate the dead in this way? We have more killings and assassinations at the hands of ISLAMIC terrorists, with the world record of TWO MILLION killed in 1947, and tens of thousands the year before, in NOAKHALI, Bengal, in August 1946. Where are the MEMORIALS to them?

We find memorials only where life is valued but not where life is dirt cheap, where fear and terror have gripped the whole nation and where forgetting our dead has become the “way of life” and the key to survival of the “sheep among the wolves”.

If the Hindu nation dare not provoke the ENEMY by remembering our dead then WHO will transform the SHEEP into LIONS?

Here it is worth recalling that a unique act of transformation did take place in our history. It happened in a small town called Anandpur Sahib in EAST Punjab on April 13, 1699. WHY NOT PUT THAT IN SCHOOL BOOKS and make the SUPREME COMMANDER address the Parliament and CELEBRATE the event nationwide on April 13 NEXT YEAR? We commend the SPIRIT of “Baisakhi 1699” more than three centuries ago.

There are countless examples on earth of SPIRIT that make a nation victorious and prosperous. Let us take the SPIRIT of Sri Rama who fought, and Sri Krishna who dispelled fear of death. These are good examples from the past. And from our recent past we have the great Maratha Empire, the victories of Rajputs (after their wives asked them to wear glass bangles and sit at home!) and the capture of Khyber Pass that, tragically went back to the enemy due to Nehru’s high treason, NOT due to lack of valour of our people.

History books in Hindusthan need urgent revision to enter our glorious VICTORIES not those by the Moguls and the Europeans on OUR soil.


PS: Today, July 10, 2015 is being devoted in the UNITED Kingdom to celebrate the start of the “BATTLE OF BRITAIN” when the RAF fighters took on the might of German Luftwaffe and turned the course of war (and history) in Europe. See < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Britain>.

Winston Churchill said, “Never in history is owed by so many to so few!” Don’t we wish our Bapu could also have been INSPIRED by Churchill facing the might of the NAZI armed forces, that had overrun Poland and defeated France, Belgium and Holland, and were poised to invade England any moment?


We do wish Shri N. Modi to boldly and unreservedly commend our own WARRIORS and HEROES. There are so many of them if we take our eyes off the “Apostle of Appeasement”, Bapu Gandhi, for a second.

Let us begin transforming the Hindu nation by raising befitting memorials to all the DEAD who were innocent but fell victims to the bloodthirsty Sword of Mohammed of Arabia!