Date: 15/04/2013

Tolerance is Not a Positive Virtue

Islamic Jihadis want to construct another Hate Preaching Mosque in Canada as a symbol of TOLERANCE. I have never heard that Mosques are symbol of Tolerance of Kafirs and infidels. Mosques are used as a gathering point for terrorism training, indoctrinating young Muslims and teaching the Saudi Arabian concept of Al-Taquiea (Lying to Infidels).

Islam is full of hatred, aggressive teaching and violence against women and infidels. Muslims have a long way to go for tolerance. Since they believe and are indoctrinated with a false belief system, intolerance and Al-Taquiea, they are not able to preach or practice tolerance. Muslims are the most intolerant bunch of people on earth.

Tolerance of intolerant people and their ideas is not a positive virtue. It is social pathology. If we are sick suffering from deadly bacterial infection, we go to a doctor and follow his instructions. If we refuse to take the medication to wipe out deadly bacteria, we will be dead. We should not tolerate our disease and enemies. Muslims are known for their conditioned and obsessive approach to make the whole world into Dar-Ul-Islam and introduce Sharia law where ever Islam has political power.

To be in Canada is not a birth right of those who follow the most dangerous, closed, rigid, dogma on earth. Traditionally, Canada is multilingual, tolerant, mufti religious, pluralistic country. Muslims immigration (legal and illegal) will make Canada a center for terrorism.
Tolerance and compromise with our enemies, terrorists, criminals, vagabonds and miscreants is not tolerance. It is social pathology.