migration crisis in Britain

Date: 23/07/2015

One baby in four is born to migrants: Boom in foreign mums puts pressure on services

BRITAIN’S migrant baby boom means more than a quarter – 27 per cent – of newborn children having a foreign mother.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Thu, Jul 16, 2015


Migration crisis in the UK is putting pressure on British services
If the upward trend continues unchecked, the number born to migrant mothers will be one in three by 2021.

Almost 188,000 of the 695,000 live births in 2014 was to a woman born abroad, the Office for National Statistics said.

The figure has more than doubled from 13 per cent in 1997 when Prime Minister Tony Blair took charge and set up New Labour’s open-door immigration policy.

The startling statistics come just weeks after it emerged that net migration had hit its highest level for a decade, soaring 50 per cent in a year to 318,000.

The country’s population is now at a record high of 64.8 million, having grown by 400,000 last year.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it will put added pressure on a whole range of services including schools, housing and hospitals
Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch
The rise in migrant mothers is fuelling Britain’s population explosion and piling pressure on already over-stretched public services, experts say. Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: “These official figures support what we have been saying for some time – Britain’s population growth is being driven by immigration increases and babies born to non-UK mothers.

“Clearly the longer the population grows the greater the volume of people in the country.

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it will put added pressure on a whole range of services including schools, housing and hospitals. It is unsustainable. This sort of growth rate is going to lead to a population of 70 million more quickly than we thought – in the main because of immigration.”

Harriet Sergeant, of the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank, called for a “population strategy” from the Government to take control of the issue.

She said: “We are a very overcrowded island. We have a finite amount of resources and a seemingly infinite number of people coming to live here.

The recent migration crisis in Calais has sparked a debate
“No one ever says how many people we want coming into the country or living here. Someone has to make decisions.

“If we set up a Ministry of Population and concentrated on that it would be far better.

“But we need honesty about the size of the problem first. We have no idea how many people are coming into this country.”

Ukip said the revelations were “unsurprising” given the levels of migration and called for tougher immigration policies.

A spokesman said: “There’s still an increase in the population and there’s still an increase in the birth rate.

“We are creating a problem for society and public services by letting this continue. Few in British politics are prepared to address the issue.

“We can’t stop what’s happening now but by taking control of immigration and the country’s borders we can stop the acceleration. These figures are not surprising in the slightest given our mass migration and what we know about the birth rates of migrant populations.”

The new figures showed that the 695,233 live births in England and Wales last year were a slight decrease on the 698,512 born in 2013.

There were 2,500 more babies born to migrant mothers than in 2013.

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Net migration was a huge factor in sending Britain’s population spiralling past 64 million people for the first time last year. The 400,000 leap means the UK population has rocketed by almost five million since 2001.

David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May had pledged to cut the net migration figure – the number coming into the country minus those leaving – down to the “tens of thousands” but have failed dismally.

During years of uncontrolled migration under New Labour millions of people came from abroad to live in Britain, including more than a million from the new members of the EU in eastern Europe. The 2011 census recorded a 3.7 million population increase in England and Wales over the previous decade, around two- thirds of it brought about by immigration and high birth rates among migrant mothers.

Research showed that fertility rates of women living in Poland and Lithuania were very low until they moved to England when the birth rate shot up above that of UK-born women.

Fertility rates among immigrants were highest among mothers from Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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RMason5 days ago
Anyone want to stop and apply a braincell to the Inevitable consequences of a low birth rate? 1.4 births per woman is not enough to keep the population stable. People get older. Then they retire. We need people working to pay NI to pay their pensions. We currently have about 20% of our population in receipt of pensions, if we had no youngsters coming up through the ranks that would quickly increase, placing a heavier burden on workers.

Part of the problem is that low wages mean lower tax receipts. So Gideot has increased minimum wage to increase the tax/NI receipts. All well and good except that by also reducing the other sources of financial support (housing benefit, child benefit, tax credits) he once again places the greater part of this burden of these costs on the shoulders of those who have least. (NI payments are capped at just over 40k so those earning more pay nothing more towards NI.)

We need some massive changes in this country but to focus on immigration without considering the benefits it brings or the problems caused by reducing it is just plain stupid.
Reply 0

Londoner6 days ago
Great Britain RIP.
Reply +1

expatperth7 days ago
Just how many of these children are born to the followers of Islam, I am glad I will not live long enough to see the future of the UK, it will never be the case of ban the Burqa, it will be soon ban the women who do not wear it.
Reply +1

weston7 days ago
The Brits are too busy watching Eastenders ! in meantime the arriving here bus full load of pregnant ladies !!
Reply +3

harry55557 days ago
Just before they arrive in Eden, "Destroy your Passports and open your Legs then watch the Cash roll in"
Reply +3

the light7 days ago
The boom in foreign births is also putting pressure on our benefits supply and much of that is being sent abroad - but the government and media keep insisting that it is those pesky white pensioners who are draining the country with their measly 6000 quid a year, whereas the average immigrant family will be raking in at least 26000 qnd it seems up to 50000 or even more
Reply +3

jimbomags7 days ago
Britain....... the new Islamic State.....
Reply +5

lifesforliving7 days ago
Con voters new what they were doing to prove they were NOT RACIST
Reply +4

After Ford7 days ago
Sorry but you only get what you voted for! It has been plainly obvious from the beginning of the election that some cuts to our younger generation would be sacrificed to pay for new arrivals and breeders. A load of lies about promises of places for apprentices when there are job cuts. 40 applicants after 1 apprentice place at Thomas Cook - no joke! 750 jobs have just gone at a steelworks at Rotherham. And so it begins.....high unemployment...­...low wages.......you­ng people unable to claim till 21 to distort figures. Pensioners are also used as scape goats for increase in benefits when they have already put more into the system than breeders. Our brightest students will have to fork out a fortune if they come from average and poor back grounds. Should have voted for a party who puts British interests first. Students would not be forking out loans if they had voted for Nigel.
Reply +5

happyexpat7 days ago
All leaders of the mainstream political parties have been bought and paid for to impose the EU ideals, ie. Mass unfettered immigration, onto the population against their wishes so only by voting for the likes of UKIP would we stand a chance of regaining our country back.
All it takes is a pro British party that shuns corruption to be elected and there is no reason why the country can't start healing itself.
I now firmly believe that only the german people can kill this EU monster because our proposed referendum will either be rigged or ignored.
Reply +3

JHR7 days ago
The average man and woman in the street foresaw this such a long time ago I wonder what exactly those in power were doing. Did they have no idea of what they were creating, no idea of the consequences of mass immigration, Too many were bundled together in one place without foresight of what this would do. Today are they proud as this great nation of ours that is is slowly sinking into oblivion a pale version of what it was.
Reply +5

JHR7 days ago
What did they expect and have they now thought of the future?
Reply 1 reply+2

the light7 days ago
I am afraid that there is no future for the native Britons who have no other home to run to when the proverbial hits the fan here
Reply +4

daisyanne197 days ago
We are no more British, we are Europeans which is a crying shame. I have no time for eastern Europeans or blacks.
Reply 7 replies+5

blackman7 days ago
The rest have no time for trash like you
Reply 2 replies-5

lifesforliving7 days ago
have respect for British who have had MASS immigration foisted on them without a murmur from the Government - seeing as we're paying with our Taxes and Council Tax - shock to our 'way of life'
Reply +4

expatperth7 days ago
Its not if you are black or white that is the problem. its are they willing to integrate, if not then the people should go back to were they came from and not expect the rest of the country to change for them .
Reply 0

JHR7 days ago
A generalisation which does not become you. I was brought up with every nationality possible in a very multi cultural environment. We lived played worked together and no one thought about 'racism' simple because there was not any. In my class at school were Jews, Catholics Protestants and various other religions from Black countries but we were all one. Yes there was the odd spat but soon got over and I think it was in good stead for my many years of working with ethnics. The trouble with Britain and the disastrous open door policy is it wasn't thought out, there are too many of one kind in one area and this causes enclaves which pushes the British out and so we are feeling strangers in our own country. A well balanced multi cultural society is good for everyone but at the moment it's chaos and will only get worse.
Reply 2 replies0

blackman7 days ago
Reply -1

redderdevil7 days ago
multiculturalis­m, in the manner that is has been foisted onto native Brits just doesn't work. What you say about forming a well balanced society may be valid in theory, but it isn't practical, so we end up in the state the nation is now and which is worsening by the day.
Reply +1

redderdevil7 days ago
here here daisyanne
Reply 0

RINGOCAB7 days ago
1"" IN 4 SOON TO BE 1 IN 3 /2/1/ OUTNUMBERED AND THEN FORGOTTEN , BECAUSE PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE UKIP...........­.FINISHED......­...............­...............­..............S­TILL A UKIPPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!15 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply +6

DENBO 7 days ago
AND a fair percentage marry first and second cousins no wonder the isis are a bunch of backward morons
Reply +3

DENBO 7 days ago
I voted UKIP so don't blame me, who did you vote for ?
Reply 1 reply+4

Londoner6 days ago
We must blame the sheep who voted for the Westminister parties, I voted UKIP so can tell my grandchildren I wasn't responsible for turning this country into a multi-racial nightmare.
Reply +1

Enoch Powell7 days ago
Not just pressure on public services it's social housing and wages. They say EU migrants are not eligible for social housing but the evidence shows otherwise. On last night's "how to get a council flat" a very rare and desirable property became available and it was predictably given to a Polish IT worker and his wife + a £30k wet room extension. Non UK citizens should not have access to social housing, benefits or free health care. These leeches are p*ssing all over us.
Reply 1 reply+3

Mr Right7 days ago
Congratulations Enoch Powel on not mentioning the severely disabled child the Polish couple had. The same child that led to the offer of the council house and for whom a disabled wet room was provided by the council.
Reply 0

St. Michael7 days ago
We keep being told that immigrants account less than 10% of the population. So if that figure is correct,somethi­ng doesn't add up.
On the subject of immigration what happens when millions of Greeks decide that a life of austerity is not for them ?
Many will decide to move abroad and the UK will probably be their first destination of choice.Many Greeks are already here,and I know parts of North London where they have settled in their thousands.As members of the EU they can have freedom of movement. Another million or so to absorb ?
Don't blame me- I voted UKIP.
Reply 2 replies+6

happyexpat7 days ago
Muslims account for less than 10% of the population, or so we're told by the media so I guess it could be higher.
A lot of the current east europeans and indians are not muslim, christian and hindu.
Reply 1 reply0

expatperth7 days ago
Willing to bet the Muslims out breed the rest, you can see them with one child walking beside the pram one inside and one in the oven so to speak
Reply +1

ZoeHunterhunter717 days ago
because all the foreigners coming here think that Britain is the land of milk and honey......have as many kids as you want and the mugs that are the taxpayers will pay for every single one of them for you....and a larger house if you require.. no wonder we have scroungers queueing up at Calais.... the culture of free handouts to those who have never contributed needs to end
Reply +3

GeoffStringer7 days ago
And nobody is doing anything about it. We have debates and meetings etc, and still, nobody has the balls to stand up and say......STOP..­. THIS IS ENOUGH.........­......WHY ?????
Reply +2

RickMacAllister7 days ago
Yeah,,our girls are not interested in babies so we have to bring people in to sort out our bad birth rate.
Reply +1

Mr.Monoxide7 days ago
One baby in four is a migrant baby - what a load of twaddle. More like one baby in four is an English person.
Especially the muslim families which seem to have 10 kids each.
Reply 3 replies+3

Sahara817 days ago
Exactly. Most english girls coming from hospital after the birth of their babies, say they were the only white english person there. And that has been the case for years and years.
Reply 2 replies+2

blackman7 days ago
The only white English person. perhaps but you bet most of the others were as British as her both by birth and bred
Reply 1 reply-1

expatperth7 days ago
Well in that case its time it was stopped, no country in the world likes to see it taken over by foreigners no matter what colour they are.

happyexpat7 days ago
Really Cameron, don't you think it's way past time that you stopped (NOT CUT OR REDUCED) benefits to immigrants, seriously?
Reply +3

Mr Right7 days ago
Cheer up. Payments to asylum seekers are being cut from this August. See BBC news site for details.
Reply +2

fedupworking7 days ago
Yes that's true our once great country is now the worlds cesspit. I worry about our heritage but you are not allowed to say anyhting. Also the families will be able to have child allowance although nothing paid in by them and the government stop our young adults having any beneits than can.
Reply +4
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