Date: 27/07/2015

You have given a befitting response to the misinformed Gandhi admirer. What VALIDATES your verdict on Gandhi is the fact that you were an eye witness of a harrowing events during those days of Hindusthan's extreme misfortune.

India could be so easily partitioned due to two individuals ON TOP- Nehru due to his high treason, Gandhi due to his suicidal wish.

While Nehru was anglicised, self professed secular, an alien, chasing the Viceroy's wife, Gandhi did relate to the people and felt their weakness & degradation acutely on account of which he developed a strong SUICIDAL wish for himself as well as his Hindu followers.

It must be said openly and frankly that having declared "Hindus to be COWARDS" it was his secret wish to see them all perish or convert to Islam. His innermost motivation was to see all the TERRITORY snatched from the confused cowards and handed over to the brave Muslims!

His open admiration of "manly Musalmaan" was borne out well before when he spoke after his son's conversion to Islam. He told a journalist, "What's wrong? My son won't drink alcohol any more!" On the contrary Bapu could have said, "What a shame! My son will be more loyal to Koran and the Arabic language than to Geeta and Sanskrit!" Or even, "Now he will ruin himself by dreaming of virgins in paradise and by having FOUR females in bed and numerous children, to impoverish the damn fool!"

We did NOT notice much of agony in Gandhi's soul even after the "Sword of Mohammed" struck, to dismember our Hindusthan. Did he go on fast "unto death" to prevent Partition?

Promptly after Partition Gandhi started his prayers, chants and speeches in the garden provided by Shri BIRLA in his mansion in New Delhi called "Birla House".

Gandhi's FEAR of his own FATE, that was tied to the fate of Bharat, showed him as a very scared man who had NO condemnation, abuse or warning for Jinnah but the chants of, "Ishwar Allah tero Naam. Sab ko anumati de Bhagwan!"

How pathetic to be calling Bhagwan at the time when Hindusthan was being cut & "raped" at the same time! Instead, he had to yell at the top of his voice, "Where are you, the brave sons and daughters of Akhand Bharat? Rise O' Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs and Marathas and "despatch" the nearest Mohammed you see," or "PUSH THEM BEYOND THE BORDER TO THEIR HOMELAND!"

NO! Nothing of such patriotic performance by our top man whose image was inflated manyfold by a very cunning anti Hindu ("desh drohi") barrister called Jawaharlal Nehru, the "pimp" when facilitated the "rape" of Hindusthan.

Hindusthan, in her hour of mutilation, needed Subhash Chandra Bose, if not Shivaji or Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who DEFEATED the Afghans and captured KHYBER PASS!

It was not impossible to teach "Mohammed" a lesson on the "Dharti" of Sri Krishna in 1947! Similarly it was easy to recover NORTH Kashmir in 1972 after the crushing defeat of Pakistan!

No wonder Nehru was so keen to put his own daughter in his chair after his death. He did not want TRUTH to be KNOWN as you have written with such clear conviction below, especially when you actually saw Gandhi walk past the group of Hindu refugees crying for his attention. Gandhi ignored them and went on to Platform No 6 of Delhi Railway Station where he saw a group of Meo Muslims about to catch the train to Pakistan. Gandhi begged of them not to go to Pakistan but stay put in Bharat! No doubt Gandhi could see with his own eyes how Pakistan was forcing out the Hindus in bloodshed!

PS: If the "respected Captain Sahib" (e-mail below) happens to be a Sikh, then we must ask him to relate to the "indignity and insult" to Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib that are under the control of savages.
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Dear and respected Captain Sahib,

I appreciate your views.

But I must state that Gandhi could have nipped the evil in the bud.
He was in an extremely commanding position, but canalised his
energies in appeasement, cowardice rather than with vigour.

Some of his salient features, which paved the way of partition:-

Undue importance to Jinnah. It was Gandhi, who bestowed
the title Quad-e-Azam.

When Alama Iqbal had a volte-face (from Sare Jahan se Achha
Hindustan Hamara to having a separate Homeland for Muslims),
he could have perceived the writing on the wall, BUT HE DID NOT.

What did he achieve in his association and support for the
Khilafat Movemrnt. Ali Brothers, who he appeased,
spat back to his face.

Now look at his attitude towards Shahid-e-Azam Sardar
Bhagat Singh and the assassin of Swamy Shradha Nand.

He did say that Partition will be on my dead body, but did he stood by it.

At the least excuse, he could threaten Fast unto Death and Maun Vratas.
Did he declare to observe a single minute's fast after the partition.

If indeed, he was against the partition, why he threatened GOI to release
Funds to Pakistan, which were immediately used against us in Kashmir?

He preached Hindus to put up with atrocities and asked Hindu refugees not to
occupy any meagre property vacated by the Muslims. Did he ever ask his
Counterpart Jinnah to reciprocate. He had no intentions and guts to do that

When Meo Muslims had packed up and decided to go to Pakistan, he personally went at Old De3lhi Railway Station
to prevent that. I have very vivid personal memory of it.

The List continues and I hope that you will reconsider your views about Gandhi.



Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 01:08:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Replace Mahatma Gandhi with Chhatrapati Shivaji
From: captainmohindersingh

It is very strange that you are conveying about Mahatma Gandhi's willingness towards partition of India.A person like you must be well read including the book FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT.
Mahatma Gandhi and even Lord Mountbatten were not for partition of India. Please read the book to know that it was Nehru and Patel who had persuaded Lord Mountbatten to bring round Mahatma Gandhi to agree to the partition.You will surprised to know that before British occupation of India ,India was divided in to small kingdoms which the Britishers consolidated ,of course to meet their end in order rule. This way Mountbatten has said that since we had consolidated India we will not add a blot to divide it.Mahatma Gandhi was made to agree in two sittings of Lord Mountbatten in governor General House.
Please read the authenticated book and put me wise if I have committed a mistake by making the suggestion.

Thanks & Regards

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All those you have mentioned have been thrown out by the Indian public in the 2014 elections.
Congress, Communists and the cotravellers.
There is an overwhelming majority of people who do not believe in the pressure group politics.

On 3 Jul 2015 05:54, "Shriharsha Sharma" wrote:

Well written and request you to write more because there many more things to be mentioned to remind people with short memory. The truth must be told and retold fearlessly and solutions must be found because it is a matter of our existence and survival or get lost as we are finished in east/ Bangladesh and west/ Pakistan of India and now truncated Bharat is being taken over slowly but surely by Islam with the help of Congress, Communists, opportunists[ Laloo, Mulayam, Mamata, Nitish, Karunandhi ] and so called secularists.

On 3 Jul 2015, at 12:40, XXXXXXXXX wrote:

Dear friends,
1. Though Gandhi-ism means appeasement, self-negation, abject surrender and invitation to aggression and slavery; after its victory in 2014’s parliamentary elections, BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have become ardent devotees of Mahatma Gandhi; and have continued Congress party’s Gandhian policies; and have forgotten nationalist issues like uniform civil code, abolition of Article 370, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir, and crores of Bangladeshi infiltrators grabbing India.
2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adoration of Mahatma Gandhi is misplaced since many of the problems facing the nation today are due to Mahatma Gandhi’s actions; and also due to Gandhian policies followed by successive Indian governments since 1947.
3. Mahatma Gandhi has been foisted as the national role model; and Gandhi-ism has guided all Indian governments since 1947, and it has resulted in countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators grabbing India; genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir; government control over Hindu temples whereas no mosque or church is covered by such control; special rights to Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370; special benefits being conferred upon non-Hindus by Central and many state governments; and provision of Haj subsidy though none of 57 Islamic countries gives any such subsidy.
4. India has become a faceless and vulnerable entity because of Gandhi-ism and its consequence ‘fake secularism’.
5. To ensure Bharat’s survival as a nation, and to ensure that no more Pakistans and Bangladeshs are planted in truncated Bharat, Bharat must have warriors like Maharana Pratap Singh and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who valiantly fought for their Matru Bhumi (motherland) and their Punya Bhumi (holy land) as its role-models and national icons instead of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru who in 1947 meekly surrendered vital parts of Bharat’s territory as Pakistan (present day Pakistan and Bangladesh) as per Muslim League’s demand for the creation of Pakistan for Muslims.
With regards,