Date: 28/07/2015

One thing about Muslim, they do not hide their intentions or contempt for Hindus. The problem is with Hindus alone. It has always been that way. From the fall of Somanath temple to the partition of entire India, there were many Hindus in enemy camp. One General Tilak was very helpful to Mohd of Gazni. The boasts of these fanatic Muslim leaders are not empty. They have backing to the hilt by the very leaders and political parties, like congress walas, in India which are all headed by Hindus, yet they condone where they hold power any atrocity including rape jihad. Witness W Bengal, fast becoming another Islamic Bangladesh. No wonder then Bangladesh leader Khalida Zia warning Hindus just like a Khilji or Tughlak either convert to Islam or leave Islamic state of Bangladesh, are not empty threats either.
All these provocations are indulged with assured knowledge by these Muslim leaders that nothing can happen to them because they enjoy immunity from same Hindu leaders but also are shown unlimited indulgence to the extent even convicted killers, terrorists were let go free and some like Memon of 1993 Mumbai bombing fame are vociferously defended by eminent Hindus to be freed . Such being the case why should not Islamic fanatics boast of their prowess along with derision and contempt for Hindu?

Once upon a time Malaria is world's major killer disease. There was no treatment available and millions world over perished from fast spreading epidemic. Then it was found out in the same area where the disease is virulent and its carriers mosquitos are abundant, there is also cure in the form of Cinchona trees whose barks yield Quinine, first effective treatment for Malaria. Later even more effective treatments developed. The result is it is not mankind that suffered from Malaria for centuries that became extinct but the disease. Malaria causing bugs exist mostly now only in laboratories along with small pox viruses, otherwise the scourge of mankind became almost extinct. Once Communism appeared to dominate entire world . It also went the same way as Malaria, exists only in places like Havana or Beijing but only in name , in practice even these places have discarded Communist practices. In Russia Communist party is banned.

Islamic fanaticism is very much prevalent in so called Indian subcontinent or South Asia. When Khalida Zia says that Hindus have no business to be alive in Islamic Bangladesh , her declaration was already implemented there and without any such declaration became a fact in Pakistan and Kashmir, no doubt to the glee of Moslem fanatics making astounding statements noted below. Surely given a chance they would like to see same situation in what is left of India. So it is very much incumbent on India to find a cure for this virulent anti-Hindu disease , and this in turn will help rest of the world where it spread also.

As noted earlier , treatment for Islamic fanaticism and terrorism also comes from area where it is most virulent. Consider these.

In recent times there are three individuals who challenged prevailing apologetic notions about Islamic aggression. In order of importance of their contributions , they are Anwar Shaikh, Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie. And they are all from Indian 'subcontinent'. India became 'subcontinent' or 'South Asia' only because of giant contributions of Islamists like some whose quotes appear in the article further aided by carpet bagers , the British who followed them And our progressive eminences even now attribute 'nation building' of India to these elements.

The first, Anwar Shaikh was trained to become a Mullah. He studied texts of Islam, Koran and Hadith and allied literature. Some where , some how he became disillusioned and then turned to his ancestry , roots of which were in Kashmir Pundit Brahmin family. So he started to learning Sanskrit, studied Veda and allied literature. Thus equipped he challenged theory and practices of Mohammedanism . He lived in London. Naturally fatwas were issued against him. He remained brave and continued his scholarly expose so much so many Muslim youth who read his articles began asking the fatwa issuing Mullahs, why not debate him instead of issuing threats ? And many Hindus started making queries about Veda . It is a fact and is a pity there are many who have the good fortune of being born as Hindu yet remain oblivious to their great heritage. This must not be,especially in this age of computers and internet where immense knowledge is at finger tips. Only thing required is inclination and curiosity. Sri Krishna calls such person as 'Jijnasu' , let us be one , we can learn lot more and be good for it in many ways.

Dr. Taslima Nasrees did not deal much with 'religious' aspects like Anwar Shaikh but she also made great contribution to the humanity long before 9/11 when she brought to the attention the ongoing genocide of Hindus in her native Bangladesh. Ms. Khalida Zia obviously wants to bring this genocide to its completion and conclusion. Dr. Taslima Nasreen quoted only what was already published in B'desh news papers, incidents of horrible killings, terror against Hindus of B'desh and wrote a story around them in her book 'Lazza' which is available in English. If you did not read it, you should. And for this , telling truth, she is persecuted, threatened so she left B'desh but India also has its share of fanatics , so when she came to attend literary conferences in Kolkata or Jaipur , they were out on streets in protest. Naturally our seculars who support freedom of expression when M F Husain paints Hindu deities nude, could not find it fit to carry candle light vigils in support of Dr. Taslima Nasreen's freedom.

Salman Rushdie from Mumbai wrote 'the Satanic verses' , not very laudatory to the Prophet. It received world wide publicity aided by fatwa from Ayotollah Khomeini. Ayotollah passed away but fatwa remained, so in order to get rid of it, Mr. Rushdie in London with help of local Mullahs became convert to Islam again though he was born into it . We do not know how such process works, any way it did not work for Mr. Rushdie, learned authorities opined only Ayotollah Khomeini could undo his fatwa. Anyhow his book informed much of the world , many things like child marriage, the odes attributed to Prophet in praise of deities in Kaaba to make peace with Meccans when they were powerful .

World wide debate started due to these people long before 9/11 on nature, ideology and practice of Islam .

All the 3 people are Muslims, even though vast differences both in their personal life and their views on Islam exist, they had courage to speak out plainly and boldly as in case of first two, and not so courageously in case of Rushdie about atrocious conduct of Islamic fanatics and their ideology which even Presidents , Prime Ministers have avoided even after their nations were attacked savagely .

Also there are truly brave Hindus like Ramswarup and Sita Ram Goel in India who wrote about sayings and doings in Koran and Hadith that form ideology of Islamic terrorists. They were also persecuted , intimidated both by Islamists and secular Congress government of India. Please note Ram Swarup wrote his book on Hadith and Sita Ram Goel on Hindu temples what happened to them, long before 9/11, long before Mumbai attack 26/11. Their books are very informative , every Hindu of India should become familiar . May be Sita Rama Goel's book on Hindu temples will inform you where your ancestors once worshiped , what it is now, what existed in your town before , where now stands a Juma Masjid. There is hardly a town or village in India where Islamic ax did not fall on a Hindu temple.

V S Naipaul a noble prize winner for literature also made critical analysis of 'wounded civilization' that is India.

It was only after 9/11 much of west woke up to the reality while these people are forewarning about what to expect with Islam's clash with civilization.

Solutions suggest themselves for Hindu society on whom rests fate of India whether it will be a democracy , advancing in science and technology benefiting world community much like in the hoary past or become a Pakistan or even Londonistan where now discussions on polygamy whether it should be legalized.

In one word the solution is Strength.

Spiritual already Hindu society has.
Mental strength is lacking . Confused is the mind of many Hindus over endless and useless discourses on secularism which in India is nothing but a version of Shariat in practice, Also there is much degradation in morality took place despite lofty Indian ethos.
Physical strength is equal. Assertion of Pakistan that one of them is equal to 10 of India failed to be proven on battle field as well as on other grounds.

Fortunately for the first time, a Government of India is notifying if Pakistan if it attacks again it cannot expect cricket matches but loss of Balochistan.
Even though Mr. Owaisi warns Hindus should not make distinction between Muslims of India and Pakistan, we certainly do for which if he has any good intentions towards Muslim Indians, he should be thankful.

A strong powerful India in general, powerful Hindu society in particular are a cure for much of the fanaticism exhibited with connivance of power hungry, corrupt politicians under mask of burka secularism.

GoI can accomplish much to serve warning on the anti-Hindu fanatics and their accomplices without words but in action.

1. Hang the convicted Mumbai terrorist on July 30 as announced.
2. Respond like it did earlier to Pak's ceasefire violaton to latest attack in Punjab
3. Educate children of all ages, of all faiths their heritage and common ancestry which is all same Hindu. This is truth which not only gives freedom but strength to one nation and one people.

It will also help India if the ruling party BJP replaces current dispensations in W Bengal, Bihar and then UP by winning elections in all these states . In all these places Islamists flaunt their clout only because of collusion , aid and comfort they receive from those in power at present.

Government should rule with iron hand said V D Savarkar. Why not use the iron hand to crush those who openly advocate further dismemberment, further genocides and further turmoil in Indian society ?



Prominent Indian Muslim leaders speak about Hindus
asaduddin owaisi
This is a compilation of some of the key points that prominent Indian Muslims leaders have spoken about Hindus. IndiaFacts thanks its reader and contributor, D.C. Nath for sending us this list.

Hindus shouldn�t make the mistake of considering Indian-Muslims any different from the Pakistan-Muslims. If India may dare to attack Pakistan, then 25 crore( 250 million) Indian Muslims will join Pakistan Forces and fight against India.
Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament,MIM, Hyderabad.

Hindus do not have any rights to vote in Arab, Pakistan or any one of the 56 Islamic Nations. I challenge: has even a single Hindu the strength (guts) to impose restrictions on our (Muslims�) voting-rights in India?
Maulana Badarrudin Ajmal, Loksabha Sansad, AIUDF, Assam.

In Hyderabad, our Muslim population has crossed 50%, and now we are in majority. Therefore I demand the Administration to impose restrictions on celebration of Hindu festivals such as Ram-navami, Hanuman Jayanti etc. In the Bhagya-Lakshmi temple, near Char-Minar, we have already shown our strength by stopping the ringing of the Bell/gong. We Muslims will ensure that this temple is also destroyed.
Akbaruddin Owaisi, Sansad, Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Musalmeen, (AIMIM), Hyderabad, India.

I regret the continuing of massacre of Hindus & Buddhists in Bangladesh, but Bangladesh is an Islamic Nation and not Secular. Now, the Muslims are in majority here. Under the circumstances, if Hindus & Buddhists want to live safely, they should either convert to Islam or go to India.
Begum Khalida Zia, President, Bangla National Party.

Hindu-Leaders may wear a Muslim cap any number of times, but we Muslim-Leaders will never put a Tilak. Let Hindus may give any amount of respect to our Namaz, but we Muslims will surely boycott �Vande Matram�, because in Islam both Secularism & Patriotism are haraam(prohibited/unclean).
Azam Khan, Leader, Samajwadi Party, U.P.

Muslims have ruled India for 1100 years. Lacs of Hindus were beheaded. Crores of Hindus were converted into Islam. We divided India, and snatched Pak & Bangladesh. Demolished 2000 temples and converted these into mosques. It is out of our fear that Hindus even today chant: �Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai�. This is the strength of Islam.
Maulana Jhakir Nayeek, Mumbai.

Let Hindus consider Cow as a Mother, even then we Muslims will surely cut the Cows, because sacrifice is Muslims� Religious right. Allah demands Sacrifice. Muslims don�t fight an oral-war, we do everything directly with our might. We are not afraid of any ruler or Government because we the Muslim community have already grown sizably. If any mother�s son intervenes, we will deal with him, but we will certainly cut Cows.
Nuroor Rahman Barkati, Shahi Imam, Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata, India.

In the face of our strength (might), Hindus are not able to build even a single Ram-Temple in their own country. Do Hindus have the spunk to even stall the construction of a Mosque in Saudi-Arabia, Pak or any one of the 56 Islamic countries?
Maulana Sayyad Ahmad Bukhari, Shahi Imam, Jama Masjid, Delhi.

Hindus don�t have the spunk to stop infiltration (illegal) of our Bangladeshi Muslim brothers into Assam; we will continue to come (infiltrate).
Maulana Badarrudin Ajmal, Loksabha Sansad, AIUDF, Assam.