Date: 29/07/2015


They dared because they perceived Hindusthan to be WEAK and the Sikhs of East Punjab “dead”!)


The Prime Minister of India.

Respected Shri Narendrabhai Modi,

A government that cannot defend its citizens from the enemy is useless- is unfit and unworthy of people’s trust. ITS DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

The attack on a police station in Gurdaspur (the town named after Guru’s “daas”, or “sewak”) shows that the enemy that captured Lahore and Kasur, the two cities founded by Luv and Kush, the two sons of Sri Rama, with utmost ease & speed, dared to penetrate your country’s porous border to attack and kill, and tried to spread terror in the State of warriors on whom Delhi depends for its own safety and Hindusthan depends for her own defence and survival.

Punjab, where the Vedas, Gita and Guru Granth Sahib were composed, has a unique history and, therefore, always the special target of all the enemies of Hindu nation including Pandit JAWAHARLAL NEHRU and his ‘pseudo-secular Islamic’ DYNASTY, who remained absolute rulers in your democracy until BJP unseated them on May 16, 2014, a “red letter day” in Bharat’s history.

Punjab is the province through which all the savage MOHAMMEDAN (“KAFIR KILLER”) invaders from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan passed, and created mayhem, gypsies, widows and orphans, century after century till, finally, the British annexed the Punjab in 1849.

History books written during the last 70 years have only glorified the MOGULS and the NEHRU Dynasty but never a tribute paid to those who could establish a powerful sovereign Sikh State defying AURANGZEB and “beating” the Moguls. They did the impossible in a cowardly country that, even today, cannot ensure the safety of HINDUS in Srinagar, and captured KHYBER PASS, after defeating the Afghans!

Hindusthan had to be PROUD of the martial Spirit of the Punjabis and had to declare the State “Holy Land” like The Vatican. But to those afflicted with INFERIORITY complex and the FEAR of foreigners, their own family, children and territory seem inferior, worth nothing. Pandit NEHRU, too, thought nothing of Hindusthan and the Hindus while giving away more than a third of the country to the enemy for a song in 1947!

You, Sir, would rather eat “Iftar” with the ENEMY than find time to visit Anandpur Sahib or Sri Amritsar along with your cabinet and Lok Sabha, in order to experience the vibrations (“Shakti”) of the Sikh Faith and the Spirit of Guru Gobind Singhji.

Your government ought to show some courage to launch an enquiry into the surrender of West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir by the then lecherous Prime Minister JL Nehru, and EXPLAIN as to why you need to go out of your way to embrace the ENEMY while treating HINDUS (in Kashmir) and the SIKHS (in Gurdaspur) like a step mother.

To demoralise Punjab (what is left of the province) is the first step along the way to put the yoke of slavery on your own neck. Please recall the fate of Prithvi Raj Chauan in 1192 and tell your subjects as to why you have not taken the latest instance of unprovoked aggression to UNO for discussion in Security Council to charge Pakistan of unprovoked incursion, attack and murder of your citizens in cold blood.

Please pay, or demand compensation from Pakistan, for all those who were killed and issue a warning to that country to acknowledge the raid as a serious violation of peace in South Asia and warn her of RETALIATION if ever a “Musalman Beiman Shaitan Haiwan” crosses the border in military or police uniform to kill the brave and honourable citizens of East Punjab.

Please understand the sense of insecurity, pain and grief of the three “bleeding” States- Kashmir, East Punjab and West Bengal, that are situated along the lethal border with the incorrigible ideological enemy, and the dire need to MILITARISE them at the earliest.

Please DISCARD the spirit of non violence of Gandhi whereby your Hindu nation is seen acting like the sheep, trying to cope with the pack of hungry wolves, but prepare the nation for any eventuality, INCLUDNIG WAR, with Pakistan that, despite its abysmal human rights record, enjoys the backing of the world super power, the USA.

In the meantime please DISCUSS this latest incursion in your Parliament and encourage the demoralised MP’s who are more into appeasement than standing up for the defence of Hindu life and land.

Finally, are your armed forces and parliamentarians informed of the history of Punjab where Guru Gobind Singhji’s spirit made each Sikh take on, and OVERWHELM, 125,000 of the enemy?

Sir, under your rule NO Sikh should fear for his life and NO Hindu should be a refugee in his own country. You are either FIT or UNFIT to rule. The Hindus are not the “sheep and goats” of 1947 nor the serfs and slaves under any Dynasty. They are a wide awake nation and will dare to ask you a few questions, for example:

What is Article 370 doing in Hindusthan if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?

Why is the Sri Ram Temple still a ruin in Ayodhya if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?

Why is a single Hindu displaced from Srinagar where HINDU “Shakti” had to be revived, if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?

Looking at the latest incursion we ask, “How did the ENEMY dare to cross into the LAND OF LIONS (Sikhs) if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?”

Why has your Government not gone to UNO Security Council on this unprovoked AGGRESSION from Pakistan if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?

What is your Government doing to ensure that Punjab is safe from such terror attacks from across the bogus border that Nehru and Jinnah imposed on Hindusthan without a single condition in 1947, if yours is NOT the Land of Eunuchs?

With more Muslims in Bharat than in Pakistan what plans does your Parliament have to either EXPEL the lot or UNITE the three fragments of tension and insecurity created in 1947?

What ought to be the CONSTITUTIONAL status of the MUSLIMS in Hindusthan after, and because of, that PARTITION?

Why can’t our Bharat, the land of birth of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singhji, treat the MUSLIMS as Saudi Arabia, the land of birth of Mohammed, treats the Hindus? Where is the reciprocity between the two countries if yours is NOT the Land of sheep and goats?

Please give answers to your terrorised subdued nation that is expecting another cross border incursion and massacre of Hindus by the MUSLIMS, from within or without, since WEAKNESS invites aggression.

Please dismiss the Chief Minister of East Punjab who is more into corruption and dynastic rule instead of nation building and reviving the traditional martial arts and qualities of his subjects. Please rescue him from “Union Territory”, the shared capital with Haryana! Had Hindusthan not been demoralised by the “Apostle of Appeasement & Surrender” Gandhi in 1947, this chief minister would have been ruling his Punjab from LAHORE! His disgrace is Hindusthan’s shame.

Please secure not only your own borders but also those of NEPAL that lost her Hindu Constitution and Monarch due to Sonia Maino Gandhi’s venomous heart and direct muddling during 1980’s when Bharat was still under the jackboot of Nehru Dynasty, being ravaged by Italian MAFIA.

Bharat should now start doing a MANLY input in Nepal to RESTORE her Hindu glory while at the same time restoring Hindu glory in your own Hindusthan, too.

Mother India (“Bharat Maata”) should have the “Shakti” of our gods and goddesses and protect her own children while EXPELLING the evil destructive ideologies of the feuding fighting Middle East.

Dear Prime Minister, there are serious implications if you tie the Sikhs’ hands behind their backs but do not defend their TERRITORY (East Punjab).

After Kashmir now Pakistan is trying to destabilise EAST Punjab silently, telling the Sikhs, “Look how cowardly the Hindu nation is, and how useless the Indian army is! Better GET OUT and go for Independence!”

The only way to impress the brave & honourable Punjabis is to retaliate on the very first incursion into East Punjab so that they know that it is a LIONS’ DEN, and not a cattle shed. We do not wish to see East Punjab collapsing like South Kashmir and West Bengal. We cannot see the Islamic KNIFE in contact with the neck of Hindusthan.

Punjab, since times immemorial, is the land of Hindu Vedas and Gita, and in 1699 it took a quantum leap towards “SHAKTI” with the inspiration provided by Guru Gobind Singhji to defend DHARTI and DHARMA. To this end every man, woman and child had to carry “kirpan” (sword) and wear combat shorts, discarding the cumbersome “dhoti”! The new war cry was “SAT SRI AKAL!” that should sometimes resound in your Lok Sabha.

One cannot treat the dying patient without mentioning the disease. And if one needs guts and courage to name the disease then so be it!

The disease is “denial of reality!” But if we deny Reality, then one day the Reality will rebound with vengeance, to behead us all like the YAZIDIS in Irak. Your Parliament, cabinet and your own person is the first target of the (literally) advancing "Islamic State" IF NOT NIPPED IN THE BUD NOW.

The only guarantee of safety is to militarise and empower the Hindu masses especially along the border including Gurdaspur.

We suggest that a CORRIDOR, 25 miles wide, be demarcated along the Indo-Pak border and each and every citizen living or working in this corridor must possess a gun and a mobile phone. The news of this latest penetration would have reached the same police station a long time BEFORE they were surprised and massacred last week.

Providing arms and mobile phones to the Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs (if you MUST keep Artricle 370 in Constitution) would have saved the lives of 36 Sikh males on 20 March 2000. Your government deserves severe CONDEMNATION for not putting up a Memorial to them. ( They would have been saved if one of them or one of their families could phone the nearest army check post. Their blood is still on YOUR hands since the State and the Central government both FAILED them shamelessly.

Prime Minister, please be brave and honourable and GO TO GURDASPUR and address the PEOPLE of EAST PUNJAB now on the latest incursion by the enemy and their “success” in killing the “Lions” of Guru Gobind Singhji. Either PROMISE them safety or relinquish the TERRITORY of East Punjab to the warriors of Guru Gobind Singhji! Rest assured, they will be more capable of defending both their own Dharti and Dharma AS WELL AS YOURS (the whole of Hindusthan) from the enemy.

You would have noticed how quickly they repaired the destroyed SRI AKAL TAKHT in Amritsar in 1984 while the Temple in Ayodhya, in the heart of Hindusthan, is still a RUIN pointing the finger at the national collapse.

Let the blood spilled in Gurdaspur now reach every nook and corner of Bharat in order to make “LIONS out of jackals”.