Date: 01/08/2015

A question that invites ALL to answer!


It was mid 1940’s when Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the President of All-India Congress Party and used to sing “Saare Jehan se achcha Hindusthan hamaara!”, composed by poet Mohammed Iqbal.

But suddenly he saw the window of opportunity for mischief & mayhem and demanded Partition of India to create a separate State for the INDIAN Muslims. He dumped patriotism, love of motherland, in a second! That made Bhagat Singh’s patriotism an enigma.

There was consternation among the Hindus. Our top leaders Gandhi and Nehru (after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had been eliminated by the latter) got confused and demoralised.

Said turncoat Nehru to “sadhu” Gandhi “If we don’t agree, Jinnah will yell “Islam in danger!” and then?" Gandhi, who believed each human life was precious, missed a heartbeat and said, “Better surrender than die!”

We saw the birth of Pakistan.

Remarkably, NO condition was imposed on the victors. Such was the extent of demoralisation of our leaders! Five provinces of India were surrendered unconditionally. And if there was one condition it was from the enemy’s side. And that was, “Call us brothers!” To which both Nehru and Gandhi said, YES!” twice.

Nehru’s Constitution went a step further. Not only the word “enemy” was deleted but also the word “Partition!” Bharat’s territory was considered barren mud.

Ignorant Hindu scholars praised the document sky high as the climax of constitutional and legal excellence. Thus the nation CELEBRATES the bogus Independence every year, ignoring the truth (“Satyam”) that was PARTITION. President Mukherjee, ARE YOU READING?

The second time when the nation faced the “test of fire” was in 1992 when some brave “karsewaks”, trusting Shri LK Advani to back them, demolished the “Babri provocation” in Ayodhya.

What the invader Babur had done was utterly atrocious, savage and barbaric by any yardstick. The whole world acknowledges the fact that to destroy someone’s place of worship (e.g., a temple or church), or object of veneration (e.g., a statue or an idol) is the act of utmost obscenity & intolerance. Those who do so are BEASTS in human form.

The “karsewaks” were betrayed by the "Hindu bashing" Government of "Dynasty+Congress" when the Muslims threatened retaliation. Police fired live bullets on them, killing over three hundred! The movement died down while the news came of the murder of innocent Hindus and the destruction of many temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh in retaliation.

Now that BJP is in power at Centre, we thought that things would be better for the Hindus. But they are worse if we notice the Constitution that had to be re-written, the ruined Temple in Ayodhya that had to be re-built, and the Kashmiri Pandits in exile as refugees in their own country who had to be assured safety in Srinagar! President Mukherjee, ARE YOU READING?

The Pandits (Kashmiri Hindus) cannot feel safe with 95% Muslims around them while a Muslim can feel completely safe even if the Hindus, or the Sikhs, are 99.99% around him!

It is, therefore, strange, if not amazing, that the Government of Shri Modi does not know this, or has not realised this! Nor has the so-called "Rashtrapati"!

Patriots have been repeatedly approaching Shri Modi to (for God’s sake) repeal Article 370 (a shameful relic of "Bandit" Nehru's High Treason, and a blot on Bharat) and integrate the State fully in Hindusthan. But the Centre is “frozen” in terror of Muslim backlash!

The senior advisors to the prime minister warn him, “BEWARE, Sir, any backlash will see millions of Hindus slaughtered within days if we “touch” this Article!”

Of course, the prime minister could be encouraged if even one of the other TENTY-EIGHT chief ministers was bold enough to say, “My State, too, wants equality with J & K State and all the benefits, concessions, provisions and concessions under Article 370 of Constitution!”

How sad, how tragic then, that not one chief minister has dared to speak the language of brave men/women. Nor has one dared to tell the PM, “Repeal this Article if it cannot apply to ALL States!” There is stalemate. There is stagnation. THERE IS STINK.

Now we have a question:

“What should Bharat do?”, To which none seems to have an answer. So let us suggest one:

“Dear Prime Minister, be worthy of your nation’s trust. Be brave to ensure equality among all the States. Either extend the provisions of Article 370 to ALL, or REPEAL the (damn) thing which puts the Muslim majority State far above all the (“inferior nigger”?) Hindu States!”

Failing this, DECLARE MARTIAL LAW in Kashmir, abolish Article 370 and encourage the Hindus to return to their homes and then ENSURE their safety and security. Make it known to the enemy from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG, “You dare kill ONE Hindu in Srinagar or rape ONE Hindu girl anywhere!” President Mukherjee, ARE YOU READING?

And, what is the primary DUTY of a country’s armed forces? It is to defend DHARTI and CITIZENS. How many marks out of TEN will the Kashmiri Pandits give to the Indian armed forces who cannot defend them in Srinagar? Supreme Commander Mukherjee, ARE YOU READING?

Please post your ideas so that Mr Modi could choose the best.