Date: 02/08/2015


The Indian Muslims, who a generation or two ago, disembowelled the body of Hindusthan to take out their PAKISTAN in the pools of Hindu blood, still think the same way about Hindusthan and the Hindus- that Hindu blood is cheap and to kill the Kafirs is the passport to heaven!

The notorious TERRORIST, murderer and CRIMINAL Yakub Memen, who had the blood of more than 250 innocent citizens of Bharat, in Mumbai explosions in 1993 on his hands, stayed safe & well cared for 22 years in jail as the "guest of Hindusthan", and at last (at very last!) hanged to death- violating the motto of "JUSTICE DELIVERED LATE, IS JUSTICE DENIED!".

In these 22 years Mohammed Yakub Menen managed to create a large number of sympathisers, friends and supporters in Bharat, Bangladesh and Pakistan, acquiring a hero's status, with the result that TENS OF THOUSANDS of his admirers came to join his funeral cortege through the city.

Hindusthan watched. The nation watched. The police watched. The media watched. They all watched the spectacle of defiance and the open & unrestrained expression of Islamic HATRED for not only the HOST COMMUNITY but also the Justice system of Hindusthan. "He was hanged because he was a Muslim!" said many a Muslim leader in Hindusthan!

Why did the police, or the army, not disperse the crowds walking in sympathy with the deadliest of killers?

Why did the Government not bury him at midnight on some obscure spot in the woods away from the habitation? ISRAEL WOULD HAVE DONE SO!

These are the questions to which the Maharashtra Sarkar needs to give reply unless they too believe in "array yaar sab chalta hai!"


Waiting for comment from patriots.

31 July 2015.

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Dear friends and brothers/ sisters

First thing is kindly provide the date if available about 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts with photoes and Mumbaikars how they helped each other to save the lives and the victims and their families stories to be published given wide publicity since its happened long back the youth has to be educated properly
hope so.. otherwise Terrorists will become Mahatmas ..vise versa...
Vande Bharta Mataram


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Dear all:

Readers –see below-have already said, whatever, I wanted to say about these “ Eminent Hippocrates.” This only happens in India. No respect for Supreme Court judgment.

Shame ! Shame !!


Readers Comments:

Anantha Prasanna • 14 hours ago

Shame on these people who have appealed to President to show clemency. Where were these people when 300 odd commoners were blown to bits and pieces by the Mumbai blasts. Time they stopped such cheap publicity. All these people are black marks to Indian society. They will keep their mouth shut when their family members are blown to bits and pieces.

Jai_1234 Anantha Prasanna • 4 hours ago

Our eminent people are the worst hypocrites of the world. See Girish Karnad, Late. UR Ananth Murthy, these people can show clemency even to Tiger Memon. These eminent people should be ignored.

Ravindra Parakhi • 10 hours ago

Soft terrorism, loyal to monies received from Dawood, trying to save hard terrorism .

INDIANFIRST • 10 hours ago

Shame! Shame! Shame! No value for loss of 100s of lives and limbs of thousands of innocents! Certainly the people who are seeking clemency for Memon are mentally sick to say the least!

Prasad • 13 hours ago

Rest of the world considers a weakness, India does not get any extra respect by any Muslim country in the world.
These intellectuals and third grade politicians would gain some respect if they first declare how many of their family members were the victims. So sad, nobody cares for the feelings of the survivors and victim's families in our country of billion people.

INDIA FIRST • 8 hours ago

There is no doubt these so called "Eminent" people are mentally bankrupt and needs serious treatment for metal dysfunction. Why these people are shedding tears for terrorist? Where were they hinting when hundreds of innocents were killed? The sympathies must be for the victims and the convicts.

babu • 9 hours ago

eminent people allamma, communal people r seeeking amnesty for terrorists

Ravindra Parakhi

While interpreting the Power given to President under article 72, the Supreme Court in one case has held that 'the exercise of the power by the President under article 72 is primarily a matter for his discretion and the Courts would not interfere with his actual decision on the merits.'
It is clear that the power is necessarily discretionary, it is vested in an individual by virtue of holding the highest post of Constitutional machinery. In such case, shooting such public appeals with much publicity and fanfare tantamount to exertion of undue coercive influence on his free will and is thus unconstitutional. All right minded people must condemn it.

Let all these gentlemen ( ?) first pass the test of their 'real humanity' by answering the following questions :-
1) What were the sins of those people who died, permanently got incapacitated, lost their bread-earning family members to reduce the rest of their life in pecuniary and destitute state ?
2) How much financial, medication, legal, adoption or such type of assistance these 'great' modern Gautam Buddhas volunteered to families suffered by the terrorist acts ?
3) The Nigerian woman, Sufiyatu Huseini, was to be sentensed to death for adultery under Sharia, although she was in fact raped.The whole world bled in support for her for the flagrant injustice. Ultimately, Olubunmi Okogie , the Catholic archbishop of Lagos, readied himself for his own life in exchange for that of Sufiyatu Huseini. At such instance, how many such frantic appeals were made by these gentlemen ? Nothing, because, Dawood, their mentor, favoured the punishment to her under sharia, and thus they were to receive no money.


Eminent people seek clemency

NEW DELHI, July 27, 2015, DHNS

More than 200 people, including eminent jurists and politicians cutting across party lines, have appealed to President Pranab Mukherjee to consider the mercy plea against the execution of the death sentence of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts convict Yakub Memon.

Among signatories to the fresh petition include BJP leader and former Union minister Shatrughan Sinha, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury, Congress veteran Mani Shankar Aiyar and several film personalities, academics and retired judges.

“Grant of mercy in this case will send out a message that while this country will not tolerate acts of terrorism, as a nation we are committed to equal application of the power of mercy and values of forgiveness and justice,” said the signatories. Memon is scheduled to face the gallows on July 30 in the Nagpur Central Jail.

On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear Memon’s plea against the execution contending that the death warrant was issued before he could have exhausted the legal remedies available to him and when his curative petition was pending consideration by the court.

“Yakub Memon was not given advance notice of the death warrant hearing and as a result of which he and his lawyers could not participate and contest the issuance of the death warrant. Lack of hearing makes the present death warrant void,” the petitioners argued.

They also cited commutation of death sentences of convicts in cases like assassins of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, aides of slain sandalwood smuggler Veerappan and 1993 Delhi blast convict Devinder Singh Bhullar.

Film personalities Naseeruddin Shah and Mahesh Bhatt, retired judges like Panachand Jain, H S Bedi, P B Sawant, H Suresh, K P Siva Subramaniam, S N Bhargava, K Chandru, Nagmohan Das and noted lawyer Indira Jaising are signatories to the petition. Others include academics like Irfan Habib, Arjun Dev, D N Jha, and social activists Aruna Roy, Jean Dreze and John Dayal