Date: 04/08/2015

The following mail is most disturbing. Thanks to esteemed sender.
(As a matter of shame we are getting "disturbing" news on daily basis since 712 AD.)

As mentioned in an earlier mail, the anti Hindu NEHRU, not only gave away one third of India to the Indian Muslims without a single condition but to further weaken Hindusthan, to hasten the collapse and SLAVERY of Hindusthan, targeted the fiercely patriotic "Defenders of Soil and Dharma", the SIKHS.

Nehru did not fear God or Guru and even signed off the sacred Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji, the Founder of Sikh Faith.

Hindus, the MAJORITY community, were no more than "DUMB CATTLE" in 1947 who could not RISE or RETALIATE to defend Karachi, Multan and Dhaka, even Nankana Sahib, nor throw Nehru in gutter if not SHOOT HIM DEAD.

Again, taking full advantage of Hindu ignorance & cowardice he decided to keep Kashmir a MUSLIM MAJORITY State for ever by imposing Article 370 of Constitution. All the other chief ministers can live and die in DISGRACE and remain discriminated against. Who cares?

Now we are looking at BJP High Command and will say, "For God's sake, assert yourselves in Hindusthan, especially in KASHMIR, the "abode of gods", that is about to fall off from Motherland like a ripe apple if Article 370 is not repealed immediately or if demography not corrected.

"As the days pass so does the respect for your government and LAW drop.

In the end EXPECT general uprising by the Muslims to "teach you a lesson" if you have NOT learnt one since 712 AD.

The news of abuse of SIKH girls is bound to antagonise the proud Sikh community as well as bring the "mercenary" Indian generals (who have been fighting Dynasty's battles*) is DISREPUTE.

(*National battle would have been to recover an inch of enemy occupied North Kashmir!)

Like the Hindu girls in East & West Bengal and Sindh, the Sikh girls in Kashmir, too, are the honourable "DAUGHTERS OF HINDUSTHAN".

Please do not let the ENEMY become invincible!

The nation will NOT give any "concession" to the ruling BJP government on top, if a SINGLE Hindu or Sikh girl or woman is abducted by any Mohammedan rogue or rascal in the Land of Sri Rama, Guru Gobind Singhji and Chtrapati Shivaji.

Let the proud Hindus stand apart from the cowardly "secular" "trash", unable to defend our dignity and daughters.

5 August 2015.



Explosive White Paper of LOVE JIHAD on SIKH Women in Kashmir

Dear Reader ,

This information was collected from personal interviews remotely and email exchanges but due to hostile conditions in Kashmir , I couldn't validate the authenticity of all cases physically.

But I wanted this story to reach the whole world who still might be thinking about Kashmiriyat is being alive in Kashmir and 1990 being just one more communal riot.

Only intention is to ask for an SIT probe on such issues in J&K headed by CBI or retired Supreme court judge who should personally interview these cases

While as we are all aware about the genocide of 1990 on minorities of kashmir especially Kashmiri pundits but other ethnic minorities specially Sikhs , Christians , Buddhists and shias too have suffered a lot.

While as Syrian & Mosul Christians , Iraqi Yazidis and others have faced the brunt of ISIS Islamic Jihad recently & world knows terrorism only through prism of 9/11 but we in INDIA have seen this in last 1250 years , braved it with pen and sword both.

A critical case of the connecting dots comes from Kashmiri Sikhs who form an indomitable shield of nationalism and kashmiriyat in Kashmir despite being outcasted since 1947 in name of POK refugees and not allowed in many cases to settle in J&K .

The historic perspective of Sikhs in Kashmir starts from the creation of Khalsa 100s of years back when Kashmiri Pandits & other clans embraced Sikhism in large numbers to save this land from barbarian Afghans , Mughals and other Jihadis .

Sikhs in Kashmir are only 1-2% of Muslim majority & since 1989 when Islamic militancy started in Kashmir, hundreds of Sikh girls have been forced to convert under love jihad.
This brutal story wont come out because some Sikh organisation of Khalistani fronts blacklist this story & being based in Pakistan are proving catastrophic to Kashmir Sikhs.

Repeated attempts to get justice are halted by political nexus of ministers who are majority Muslims , Judiciary which has Muslim dominance & JK Police which at times is part of this game. All of them collaborate with local Media in such such a way that Sikhs never dare to speak about it and hence wont get any justice. Govt. of India has been mute spectator & is not helping them.

Sikhs have been left with only hope of divine intervention to save their daughters. Slow and steadily, the exodus of Sikhs is now happening from Kashmir to save their daughters.


Following cases will be an eye opener for entire world and needs intervention as Love Jihad has consummated them in name of mutual consent but story of rape , abduction and exploitation has been hidden from the secular and so called moderate Media of INDIA & whats worst that foreign Sikh Bodies in Canada , USA & overseas have ignored the issue for long .

After few hours of this explosive story online , I had to change names of women by XYZ and men by ABC to save their identity but can provide the name and details if asked to for investigations . Furthermore most of the women were coerced to accept in courts that they have converted on their own.

1. Year 1989,XYZ kour d/o ABC singh saimoh Tral distt Pulwama ,lured into trap of love jihad, converted and married to a Muslim. He sold her after few years to a cobbler from Mattan Anantnag. She now lives in Anantnag Mattan,and is seen begging most of days.

2. Year 1990, XYZ daughter of a Nurse at SMHS hospital Srinagar, living at Aloochabagh, taken away forcibly and converted . she was given a govt.job at university of Kashmir later for her will to convert.

3. Year 1991, XYZ daughter of Sikh Technician at Lal ded hospital srinagar studying in tenth class living at Aloochabagh srinagar , taken away and forced into unsolicited acts . She was brought back to family after two years.

4. Year 1991 , XYZ kour of aloochabagh Tral forced to marry a Jihadi Terrorist. the said Jihadi militant got killed,then married to another militant,who also got killed now married to third militant.

5.Year 1995 XYZ kour nurse from Baramullah Kashmir working at SMHS hospital taken away and married to a muslim forcibly. Whereabouts missing now.

6. Year 1998 XYZ kour a teacher from Budgam forced to marry a Muslim Extremist under mysterious circumstances

7. Year 1998 XYZ kour from Tral a nurse being exploited till date !

8. Year 2001 16 year XYZ kour from Arigam tral taken away and forced to marry a muslim.

9. Year 2000. XYZ kour of Tral a nurse at SMHS hospital who was already married forced to abandon her husband and now being exploited.

11.Year 2001 two sisters of police inspector ABC Singh from Tral taken away. One sister was recovered after one year and had given birth to a daughter. Second sister who was married already not recovered till date.

12. Year 2010 XYZ kour a lecturer in school education depttgovt of J&K, daughter of LIC officer from Baramulla forced by school principal to marry a Muslim. This matter was brought to notice of then education minister also but of no use.

13. Year 2011 16 year XYZ kour daughter of ABC Singh engineer of Bemina taken away by a militant auto driver.

14. Year 2013 XYZ kour daughter of ABC singh driver of hutmarah mattan was married to a sikh of Tral, but was taken away by a Muslim forcibly under mysterious conditions.

15. Year 2014 XYZ kour of Saidpora Tahab pulwama married to a sikh of Aloochabagh Srinagar, taken away by a Muslim on second day of marriage. This matter is in court now.

There are hundreds of examples of love jihad in Kashmir which needs SIT probe and formal investigation . Authors intent isnt to create any communal disturbance but seek an independent probe into the incidents and bring the cultprits to justice . Anywhere where any mutual consent wasn't involved , must be taken as a case of abduction and forced sexual slavery clauses